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Why integrate your software systems

A growing business needs to invest in business software systems to manage its operations. Most businesses will end up with multiple systems in place, each doing a different job. This is often inefficient ...

How Bespoke BPM Software Will Change Your Business

The way you manage your business processes directly affects how efficient and adaptable your business is and is ultimately the deciding factor regarding cost and revenue generation. Evergreen creates Business Process Management (BPM) ...

FSB Worldpay Awards

As you may know Evergreen was nominated for the FSB Worldpay awards in the category of family business. Evergreen is led by husband and wife team Andrew and Liane Cope and maintaining a ...

Making the Most of Your Data

Lord Kelvin is supposed to have said "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." Whether this is apocryphal or not, business owners need to analyse data to know what ...

The Evergreen Way

Please watch our latest video to find out why the Evergreen way is the best way; this is a six stage process: Meeting Before we start working on your software we have an ...

A Team that Works Together, Stays Together

In the 21st century people expect to have constant access to information. When we have a question we consult Google. We are constantly in touch with friends via Facebook. Despite this technology many ...

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The comprehensive and friendly guidance, given to Gloucestershire RFU by Evergreen, has enabled us to produce a professional and user friendly website with a far better corporate image.

Tricia Perris, County Administrator

Gloucestershire Rugby Football Union

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