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Do you make business decisions on a whim?

Thought not! When considering your business software, wouldn't it be helpful to have expert guidance to identify the best software solution ...

Are web apps important for business?

Hands up who has the Facebook app or your personal banking app on your smartphone? It's likely that you do. These ...

Does your business manage its data effectively?

Throughout our careers, we've witnessed data management evolve - from scribbled notes on paper to data entry onto spreadsheets, and now ...

How safe is your data?

Watch out! Watch out! There’s a cyber thief about! Cyber criminals are getting sneakier by the day, and it’s more important ...

Have you discovered the value of custom software development?

Here’s why investing in custom software is a smart move: ◘ Off-the-shelf software solutions often come with unnecessary features and costs. ...

A wise person once said: "Failing to plan is planning to fail"

This applies to bespoke software projects too, of course. At Evergreen, we know that a robust implementation plan is the foundation ...

Is Your Data Secure?

We build systems to help you collect, store, manage and share your data securely.
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The comprehensive and friendly guidance, given to Gloucestershire RFU by Evergreen, has enabled us to produce a professional and user friendly website with a far better corporate image.

Tricia Perris, County Administrator

Gloucestershire Rugby Football Union

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