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Looked at CRM systems and nothing works how you do?

When it comes to finding a CRM system there are plenty of off the shelf solutions available, but what if your business is different, what if your off the shelf solution does not ...

Struggling to manage your business on a spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet you have been using for ages has been working fine; it does a job for you and maybe there are satellite spreadsheets which plug into the main one. It is working ...

Have you spotted a gap in the market?

Reusing and recycling has been high on the agenda for many years now, however as the price of metal rose it also highlighted the need for regulation within the scrap industry. In February ...

Keeping up with the Joneses!

Tired of keeping up with the Joneses! Your competitors may be using an off the shelf solution but you can go one better! These days more and more companies are understanding that having ...

How will the election results affect your business?

As a business leader, whatever your political views you cannot have failed to be aware of the ups and downs of the campaign trail. There is an awful lot of chatter about the ...

The best passwords are a secret - it's a FACT!

The best passwords are a secret - it's a FACT! Just how secret are your best passwords? Do you share passwords? Or have you guessed your colleagues' secret passwords or do they know ...

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