An Evergreen project is more than a job – it's the start of a relationship

At Evergreen, the completion of a project isn’t the end of a working relationship – it’s the beginning. In addition to providing ongoing support our clients also ask us to work with them on new projects. We’re proud to have such long-lasting relationships with the businesses that we work with.

Always up to date

For businesses, technology is always changing. This makes it necessary to keep software up to date, ensuring the business is running as efficiently as possible. Evergreen understand the rapidly changing world of software and after we develop software for you we’ll keep it up to date. There are no subscriptions, upgrades or rip offs – we’re at the end of a phone and will make changes as and when required.

One of our clients, Purple Partnership, has been working with Evergreen for nearly a decade. Take a look at our case study to see what a long-term relationship with Evergreen can do for your business.

We grow with your business

Evergreen’s work doesn’t finish after we’ve completed a project. As your business grows and your requirements change Evergreen will be ready to help with new projects. Most of our clients choose to work with us in the future and we value the trust our clients have in our ability to deliver a quality service.

One of our latest clients, Phoenix Control Systems, already has plans to work with us in the near future.

More than just a working relationship

Evergreen are friendly, approachable and professional. Karen Inwood at Southside described Evergreen as "very friendly and approachable, I feel like we can just pick up the phone and talk to people that we know. It’s a good relationship."

Evergreen are always at the end of a phone and we’ll meet with you in person so you get to know our friendly team.

Do you require a new software system? Please contact one of our experienced project managers on 01454 269 087 or via email.