Are Your Systems Secure?

15th October 2015 :: Data Security :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

What are the most important aspects to consider when you are thinking about a software system for your business? 

Obviously there are the issues of cost and functionality but what about security?

Whether you opt for an ‘off the shelf’ or a custom designed solution security should always be at the top of your list.  From the smallest businesses to the largest multi-nationals, your on-line systems play an essential role in collating information, keeping it safe, providing management reports and monitoring trends.

At Evergreen we are always vigilant - ensuring that all our database systems are maintained to the highest possible security levels.  We employ only the most ‘high tech’ methods to ensure your data is always safe and secure and our strict internal procedures and processes mean it has never been in safer hands.

We offer 24/7 remote access and full control of our hosting platforms, installation software and security patches. Our UK data centre offers a premium environment for business critical servers and data with fully secure power supply, cooling, security and network resilience systems.

We have published two articles which may be of interest on our website; please view our article on password security here and find out about how we secure our systems here. You may also want to view our brief article on SSL certificates here.

So if the security of your system is on your mind, and if not it should be, call us today on 01454 269 087 to find out just how secure an Evergreen solution can be for your most important business asset – your data!