Do you like varied, challenging work?

creative-highfiveEvergreen are recruiting for Web Application Developers and Programmers. This is the perfect opportunity for individuals who aspire to use their full skill set in a dynamic, challenging environment.

We are always on the look-out for talented new team members to join our growing team and contribute to our ongoing success.

So, if you are committed to providing exceptional customer service, with a flexible approach to cope with multiple projects at any one time we would like to hear from you!

To give you an idea of what working at Evergreen is like we've asked our colleague Lewis White, Evergreen Web Developer, to tell you more:

“At Evergreen, everyone is encouraged to pitch in and help, everyone is listened to when giving feedback or ideas. I think this is a great way to structure and manage teamwork based projects as there is often not just one way to solve a problem.

I really enjoy working for a client, and seeing them benefit from what I have created. Going and seeing people use things and getting feedback is a really cool part of working here.

Every client is a bit different, and that means I get to work on a variety of tasks, solving new problems every time.

It is very interesting going to meet clients face to face, and seeing how they use the software I develop”.

We do not accept enquiries from Recruitment Agencies.