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Evergreen Services

Evergreen offers a number of software services, from building bespoke databases to creating websites. Whatever challenge you’re business faces, we can help you overcome it. You’ve probably tried off the shelf solutions and found they contained features that aren’t relevant to your business, or changed the way you had to do things. Evergreen creates software that does what you need it to simply and efficiently; the advantage of bespoke software is that it works the way your business does.

Custom CRM Systems

A leading supplier of transport for people with special educational needs required software to manage logistics and transportation contracts. Evergreen’s CRM replaced a paper and spreadsheet-based system that was slow and resulted in lots of duplicated admin, costs and increased rate of errors. To find out more about Evergreen's solution please click here.

Web Design and Development

After a non-profit organisation took over the running of their local pub they wanted a new look for their website. In addition to looking good it needed to be easy to navigate to view upcoming events, as well as viewable on smartphones and tablets. To see how Evergreen approached this project please click here.

Production Management Software

Businesses with multiple branches or outlets need centralised control and insight. A multinational corporate client in the food and beverage industry needed an online ordering system. Evergreen created a bespoke, secure web application with a number of benefits, including stock control, tailored products and multi-cart functions – to find out more please click here.

Team Management Software

A growing company in the agri sector needed a flexible team management system allowing them to work on a variety of projects simultaneously, collating results to provide high level management information. Evergreen overcame the challenge; have a look at what we did by clicking here.

Bespoke Web Applications

A wind farm consultancy required an online system capable of administering and launching multiple community-consultation websites. Evergreen created an online database, accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing international wind farm projects to engage with the community and solicit feedback. Please have a look at our full case study.

In addition to the services above Evergreen recognises that many businesses use multiple software systems and that the solutions we provide need to be holistic, taking into account the many aspects of how a business operates. If you want Evergreen to find the right solution for your business please call us on 01454 269 087 or email us.