Five days, a 350km bike ride and the Amazon jungle – bring it on!

Liane out practising in the lanes2017 for Evergreen means new challenges and charity fund raising. So far we have abseiled off tall buildings and as a team climbed the equivalent height of Everest (8848 metres) all for a very worthy charity, The Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

But we are not stopping there as in October this year our very own Liane Cope is going to ride a bike 350 kilometres in only five days. That is over 217 miles or the equivalent of cycling from London to Middlesbrough. Now, this would be a real test of endurance with tarmac roads and the safety of the UK but add the Amazon jungle to the mix and it turns this physical feat into a challenge of a lifetime.

I am sure a lot of you are asking why anyone would put themselves through this; many of you might not know that Liane for the last four years has been in remission from breast cancer and to help celebrate that fact and to raise money for three cancer charities Liane is seeking sponsorship from you.

Liane says, "Now back onto my feet again I feel it is time to let go of the past and look to the future. My aim is to get my fitness back and at the same time give something back to the charities that so helped me through those dark days." We couldn’t put it better ourselves.