Gain More Orders With An Online Portal

Winning more orders with an Online Portal from EvergreenE-Commerce has changed the world; your customers can place orders with a few clicks on your website. The whole purpose of shopping online is to save customers time and make life easier - without a user friendly online portal your customers aren’t getting what they want...and you’re missing out on sales.

If you’re selling to a niche market your customers will have specific needs. A generic customer portal won’t provide your customers with the functionality they require or give you the individuality or control you need.

A customised portal is tailored specifically to the needs of you and your customers; it should be secure and fully integrate with your website, recording transactions and allowing greater control.

So if you have an existing portal that isn’t working the way you would like or maybe your customers have reported problems using your existing system it’s time to think about the benefits of a customised solution from Evergreen:

Automate the Creation of your Documents and Invoices

No one likes doing paper work. Our customer portal will automate and simplify the creation of invoices and documents. Back orders and returns can be easily monitored and multiple orders can be collated from the same client.

Real Time Reporting for Greater Insights

Real time reporting makes data more manageable. For businesses that need to respond quickly having insight into the supply chain and customer purchasing trends is invaluable. Because our customer portal integrates with other systems you don’t need to import or export data – this happens automatically giving you greater business visibility.

Enhanced Security for all Users using 2FA

Our online portals are of banking level security. We incorporate two factor authentications (one time passwords generated by tokens or software) into the portal for enhanced security. Our customer portals can be private, restricting their usage to your customers only.

Here at Evergreen we have a wealth of experience in creating customised online portals and ordering systems. Each portal is designed specifically to solve your business challenges as well as streamlining your ordering and stock control procedures.

We make navigating your portal intuitive so that your customers can find products easily and quickly; the shopping basket can be recalled on each login making reordering easier and avoiding duplication and omissions.

Below are examples of some of our past projects:

Evergreen welcome a challenge – call us today on 01454 269 087 and we can build the web portal that you and your customers need.