How we work with businesses

Do you rely on a spreadsheet or manual process to keep your business going?

Is there a business critical part of your business that just isn't quite robust enough?

What happens if a new member of staff joins, or if someone forgets to do something important? What will the impact be?

Here's how we work:

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The Evergreen way is a 6 stage process, which starts with the meeting. We get to know your business. We get to understand the problems and what to start with.

With agreement we prioritise what business critical process to improve first.
In collaboration with you, we will produce a project proposal that challenges your ideas but never imposes a solution that is not right for you.
The proposal will give you confidence that your expectations will be met and your fears will be unfounded.
The next stage is to build your software to your exact specification showing progress and updates against agreed deadlines so you can always see we are doing what we say we will. 
Our technical expertise means that you will get the very best industry software without any hidden costs such as licences.

This really is your problem solved, just for you.

Probably the most important part is the testing. We don't just deliver the software and run away. We know that testing is very important not just for the business but also for the staff so that they can be trained and ask as many questions as possible. Change for anybody can be difficult so we will be there right through until you are completely happy with the system.

We also offer continued support. We are flexible and always available when you need us, from an hourly rate plan to full service level agreements.

Why not give us a call on 01454 269087 for a free, no obligation chat on how Evergreen can help your business.