"Internal processes are slowing our business down"

10th April 2018 :: Customer Stories :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

In our recent blog post, we took a look at some of the reasons businesses require custom software. One of the reasons we highlighted was because business growth was being hampered by manual, time consuming or ineffective processes.

In business, a process is a transformation - an input to an output; an invoice is processed, a payment is received. Every business has its own internal processes and ways of doing things, unfortunately, these can often result in lost productivity or stunted business growth.

Are internal processes slowing your business down?

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the ways internal processes slow businesses down; and how custom software can help.

Manual & time-consuming processes

Laborious processes plague businesses of all sizes, these are often manual in nature resulting in increased human error, higher wage bills, replication of data and lower overall productivity.

Many businesses have never seriously considered using custom software to automate these processes because they fear it will require a large initial investment in time moving existing data to a new system.

At Evergreen, we ensure a stress-free implementation with minimal downtime, integrating all your existing data into the new software before going live.

CASE STUDY: HallMark Veterinary & Compliance Services

Being one of the fastest growing companies in the UK agricultural sector, HallMark Veterinary and Compliance Services needed a flexible and responsive team management system to grow with them – negating the need for spreadsheets, manual updates and duplication of data.

Patrick Steel, Resource Manager

HallMark Veterinary & Compliance

“Evergreen carried out the work as quickly as possible, with efficiency and attention to detail.”

Adapting to change

When change comes to a business, internal processes are often what causes issues – moving into a new market, launching a new product or winning a large contract are all changes that may make the cracks start to show.

When businesses rely on legacy systems and processes during periods of growth, they struggle to keep up; wasting valuable time and resources fitting around processes that were designed for a younger version of their business.

At Evergreen, we develop software that grows with you and your business, enabling you to spend less time worrying about your processes and more time developing other areas of your business.

CASE STUDY: Pristine Condition International Ltd

After identifying a number of organisational and operational challenges as they grew, Evergreen worked in partnership with Pristine Condition International to develop a tailor-made, simpler and more accurate course management system.

Heather Adamson, Customer Accounts Manager

Pristine Condition International Ltd

“[The system] has transformed the way we work. Reducing the amount of administration that our trainers have to undertake has not only improved our service to customers but saved the business time and money.”

Set your business free

If you feel like internal processes are what’s holding back your business growth, Evergreen can help. We design software to enhance and improve your internal processes, with no downtime or re-entry of data required; why not get in touch with one of our team today?

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