Is your business a fairytale, or a nightmare?

Once upon a time, there was a business owner called Cinderella. She had lots to do, and her ugly step sisters gave Cinderella all the dull and repetitive jobs that kept her up late at night.

One day she was invited to a Ball to exhibit her business. Oh my goodness, how on earth will she find the time to prepare for the Ball and do the admin work?

Fortunately, Cinderella had heard of a software company called Evergreen. After a friendly chat Evergreen waved their wands made from logic and created a bespoke operations system that suited the way she worked.

To Cinderella this looked like magic, for she knew very little about the internet, but after some training, she was very comfortable using the system that her business wholly owned without any licence restrictions.

After that Cinderella was able to finish all her work each day, grow her business, and of course she went to the Ball and everyone was very impressed by her efficiency.

And what happened to the ugly step sisters? They also loved the Evergreen operations system, so Cinderella set up new logins for them to put in jobs and now they get invoiced automatically when they are completed.


Are you like Cinderella, or is it time you had more control over your operations?