Pinecones and Seaweed...

8th June 2011 :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

Probably 'the' most talked about subject in the UK is the weather. If the seaweed was wet, it was raining. If the pinecone was closed, it was cold.These days, we can get the current/forecast for any town or city on the planet (within reason).

You'll see weather forecasts all over the internet and for those who are 'web savvy' here is a nice little weather 'widget' that you can customise and use on your own websites. provides a tool that will allow you to 'generate' your own weather widget for your website. The tool allows you to change the weather symbols, the colour of the text, background, frame colour and the content.

I'm sure we'll start using this one quite regularly and thank you to for providing the facility.