What can business owners learn from Pokémon Go?

You’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go – the augmented reality craze is sweeping the globe. The game is a perfect example of how integral smartphones have become to our lives, to the point where we’re never without them, and how a business can profit from this. Those hoping to capitalise on Pokémon’s popularity may attempt to turn their business into a ‘PokéStop’ or ‘Gym’, areas in the game where players can congregate to collect items and interact. But there are other ways for a business to profit from mobile apps and the inseparability of smartphones from their users.

Evergreen are experienced app developers and we’re always looking for new challenges. When we design an app we’re not just developing software, we’re developing a new way for people to interact with their environment. Below are some examples of how our software changes the way businesses work:

HallMark Veterinary & Compliance

HallMark delivers innovative and cost efficient solutions for a wide range of food and farming compliance issues. Managing Director John Gerard first approached Evergreen with his own ideas for a website that would hold data, assign and manage work flow, give instant updates and provide management reporting information. The website needed to be accessible by remote workers, such as farm inspectors, via their smartphones. To see the website Evergreen created please click here.

Total Drainage Services

Total Drainage Services Ltd (TDS) provides a complete drainage maintenance and sewage treatment service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dependent on paper documents and Excel spreadsheets, TDS wanted a Job Management System that could be accessed by engineers via smartphones. Through Evergreen’s app engineers are now sent details of jobs to perform which they can update off site, giving them a date and time stamp for the job and allowing them to add relevant details and photographs of the job problem. To read a full case study please click here.

Greenthumb Travel

This green transportation solution launched in June 2016 and commissioned Evergreen to build a responsive website and mobile app for Android and iOS. People needing a lift use the app to record the details of their journey and the app sends information to the central system. To find out about Evergreen’s bespoke apps please click here.

Your Move

Gamers can continue playing their games on the go with apps and augmented reality. Evergreen apps are like augmented reality for your workforce, empowering staff with access to information and ensuring communication is possible even when working off-site. To speak with one of our project managers about how we can change the way your business works please call us on 01454 269 087 or send us an email.