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An experienced HR consultancy offering a wide range of Human Resource services and solutions.
Corinium HR Management

An experienced HR consultancy offering a wide range of Human Resource services and solutions.

Automated 360 Diagnostic Tool

Established in 1996, Corinium Human Resource Management have a team of professionally qualified and internationally experienced consultants who specialise in all aspects of people development.

One of the key services provided by the business is 360 degree employee performance assessment and key to their continued success was to develop an effective software solution to deliver this as an online diagnostic and reporting tool.

Corinium required an automated solution to enable their business to survey work colleagues in a consistent, confidential and quantifiable way regarding the performance of nominated employees and for this data to be collated and interrogated in order to produce a feedback report for these nominees. They were referred to Evergreen through a service supplier that knew and had a positive experience working with Evergreen.

Delivering a Solution that Maximised Process Efficiencies

Corinium was seeking a fully automated solution to deliver their 360 diagnostic tool. Prior to engaging with Evergreen this process proved to be labour intensive for the client involving manual inputting of data, analysis and development of customised reports for individuals.

Evergreen spent time with the business to understand and map out each step by reviewing in detail the end to end process. They mapped out the existing process and quickly established an in-depth understanding of what the requirements were.

The challenge for Evergreen was to deliver on the depth and detail that Corinium required for their solution. Through extensive collaboration, Evergreen identified gaps and helped to redefine areas of the process that required updating before agreeing with them what the deliverables of the final solution would be. A flexible and responsive solution was ultimately achieved.

The End Result

Corinium can now invite feedback through an internet link that delivers data and reports in real time. The solution has the capacity to average and cluster responses into a customised report format for an individual highlighting strengths, and development opportunities - ultimately eliminating the manual input that was required previously.

The inclusion of complex formulae means it will calibrate accurately dependent on the type of scenario required and ensures that it is accurate every time. The solution has now been fully implemented and embedded within their business and successfully rolled out to a number of their clients.

How does Corinium sum up their experience working with Evergreen?

"Our experience in dealing with Evergreen has been extremely positive. They listened to the challenges we had and developed a deep understanding of our existing process and where we wanted to get to.

"Once they understood our requirements they identified gaps and added efficiencies that were built into the proposal and subsequent development phase. They were always very proactive and speedy in response and delivered a robust solution that has absolutely met our business needs - fully automated, real-time delivery and most importantly very user-friendly.

"We would not hesitate to recommend Evergreen for IT software solutions including the ability to develop and deliver performance management software."

Clare Mayall, Director

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