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Sophisticated yet easy-to-use software to keep your staff and assets compliant at all times.
Compliance Systems Ltd

Sophisticated yet easy-to-use software to keep your staff and assets compliant at all times.

Compliance Tracker v2

Have you ever used or been tempted by the lure of “cheaper” offshore software solutions for your business? Did the “experience” leave you frustrated, with a product that was not fit for purpose and/or ending up costing far more than envisaged?

We were approached by Compliance Systems who had found the offshore experience far from satisfactory. It turned out the perfect software solution was far closer to home for them…

The problem

They had been using a remote software house to develop a Compliance Tracker – a system to simplify life for organisations managing repeatable actions where compliance must be tracked – such as care homes, property management and accountancy practices.

Philip Blunt from Compliance Systems found that the time difference was slowing down the process of the software build considerably. In addition, the developer left, their replacement did not have the same level of expertise and communication proved extremely difficult. Vital information was being lost in communication and the project was fast becoming untenable.

The solution

Having met Evergreen’s Andrew Cope at a business networking meeting, Philip took the decision to go for a completely new version of the Compliance Tracker, developed here in the UK by Evergreen.

'Evergreen worked so much faster and more efficiently than their input actually cost one-third of their offshore predecessors.'

The benefit

The new version of the Compliance Tracker went live, with significant improvements to the original software solution, in February 2019. 

Philip concludes, ‘I’m delighted with Evergreen for what they’ve achieved and for me it has disproved the myth that offshoring is always more cost-effective for developing sophisticated bespoke software.’

‘This has been one of the best investments I’ve made for the future of my business and I will be working with Evergreen again for any future developments


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