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A personal wine merchant
Davis Bell McCraith Wines

A personal wine merchant

E-Commerce for Davis Bell McCraith Wines

Evergreen Challenge:
DBM wines needed a simple, but effective marketing and ecommerce website and stock warehouse system that would work perfectly without time-consuming manual intervention. 

Evergreen Solution:
Evergreen created a stock warehouse system that was fully integrated with a new marketing and ecommerce website. A fully functional Content Management System with integrated email marketing platform ensured that DBM wines has full control of of uploading content and communicating with their customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use interface for ease of navigation.
  • Seamless integration with carriers and wholesalers.
  • Point of sale administration screen that fully integrates into existing processes and systems.
  • E-commerce payment gateway.

Full Case Study

Discerning wine buyers expect a stylish, efficient experience. That's why a simple, effective website that worked perfectly without time-consuming manual intervention was top of the Davis Bell McCraith (DBM) want list for their new site - and why Evergreen was able to deliver.

A relaxed, highly capable approach

One of the DBM partners had already worked with Evergreen on a basic transactional site. Based on this, it made sense to develop a more sophisticated version rather than starting from scratch. Thus, in July 2009, the relationship between the two businesses began.

Recalling his first impressions of Evergreen, Richard Davis, a DBM partner, is quick to highlight their relaxed, yet highly capable, approach and the notable absence of the complicated planning and design documentation associated with some web businesses. 'If we hadn't seen the proven website,' he explains, 'Evergreen's approach might have seemed overly casual. As it was, they had already demonstrated their capability. What we needed to do was scale it up, add more bespoke functionality and roll it out successfully. Subsequent events have borne out our confidence in Evergreen's culture, expertise and approach.'

'We got exactly what we wanted'

At first glance, DBM's needs were simple: a platform where purchasers could quickly and efficiently choose and order their wine. All the site had to do was work faultlessly, from customer ordering to product picking and distribution, without costly back office cross keying. The solution lay in the proven site architecture, and attentive support around the website launch. Davis is enthusiastic about how Evergreen exceeded his expectations: 'From the customer-friendly, easy-to-use interface, to seamless integration with carriers and wholesalers, we got exactly what we wanted. You can't ask for more.'

Consistently better quality and value

In fact, DBM enjoys more than mere website functionality from the partnership. Davis is quick to point out that the team are always charming, relaxed and very much in control. 'Above all,' he adds, 'Evergreen delivers consistently better quality and value than I've experienced with similar businesses.'

If one thing differentiates the Evergreen team, he has no doubt that it's their technical competence and the value they deliver. 'I've been delighted, and very pleasantly surprised, by their response to requests for small changes. Rather than just making the change and charging us, Evergreen develops tools that give us control and let us make future changes ourselves. Their foresight makes for a more dynamic website for the customer, and greater trust between the client and Evergreen.'

Pushed to reveal any teething problems with the partnership, he can only mention that it took a little while to streamline the inter-team communications. 'I set exceptionally tight objectives and parameters for Evergreen to work to,' he explains, 'probably slightly unrealistic ones in hindsight. A few days' slippage was a small price for the quality, performance and value that we've enjoyed.'

'You simply can't do better than Evergreen'

The website went live in September 2009. Since then, Richard's team has contacted Evergreen several times a week to fine-tune the site or get advice. In particular, he's been impressed by the patient telephone support - and the way Evergreen's account handler has always implemented required changes immediately.

Several months after the launch, DBM is thrilled with the site, the positive customer response ('clean, simple and very easy to use') and the relationship with Evergreen. Indeed, they've already recommended Evergreen to other businesses and will do so without reservation in the future. Summing up the relationship, Davis is unhesitating: 'For bulletproof functionality and value for money you simply can't do better than Evergreen.'

DBM upgrade database to open new Bristol shop

In February 2013, DBM opened a retail shop and Evergreen created a point of sale administration screen that fully integrated with their existing processes and systems. Read about this in our blog.