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Encounter Walking Holidays continues its successful journey with Evergreen
Encounter Walking Ltd

Encounter Walking Holidays continues its successful journey with Evergreen

Online Booking System & Website for Encounter Walking

Encounter Walking are the largest and most experienced self-guided walking holiday company covering the South West England and Wales. 

They are regional specialists for walking holidays and luggage transfers along the UK's longest and best loved National Trails and offer short break options on inland coast to coast paths. They are staffed by walking experts who live and walk in the region.

The problem

A standard booking system is for a standard business. Encounter Walking have a niche business model which required a booking system to capture the right information to provide the perfect walking holiday experience. A system which had eluded them to date, having to make do with not fit-for-purpose solutions.

The solution

Backed up with an Evergreen custom-made website and database booking system, the business was able to attract tourists to the business with their website, make bookings on the database and deal with all administration.

They are able to keep full and accurate details of their customers, past and present, as well as co-ordinating accommodation, taxis, travel arrangements and luggage, and the system includes features such as deposit recording.

An all-encompassing software solution tailored to the exact needs of the business and their clients.

The benefits

A business relationship that has stood the test of time for over a decade now, Damon, Managing Director of Encounter Walking, puts the continued success of his business down to the systems that Evergreen has designed. "The database is significant to our success as Evergreen know we keep asking for more and more things to be added to it. We have been able to hold prices on our products primarily because profit is gained from the savings we make by adapting the database to our admin tasks that are enormous."

And to top it off, during that time the business relationship has taken a more personal turn, Andrew and Liane, Directors of Evergreen have become firm friends with Damon who doesn’t hesitate to recommend Evergreen services.

The true value of a business relationship.


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Probably the best database developers and designers I've ever met. Best of all, they have a human touch that’s often lacking with highly-technical people

Rich Brown, IT-coordinator

Encounter Walking Ltd

Evergreen is great at managing expectations, they suggest ideas and let businesses try them out in their own way to ensure they are suitable for their business. I would certainly recommend Evergreen to other business owners.

Damon Willcox, Business Owner

Encounter Walking Ltd