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Structural and Civil Engineers.
Hurst Peirce + Malcolm

Structural and Civil Engineers.

Fully Featured CMS for HPM

Founded in 1910, Hurst Peirce + Malcolm LLP is one of the longer established structural and civil engineering practices in London.

Evergreen Challenge:
To  create a new, contemporary feel for their marketing website, increase website functionality and upgrade existing content management system.

Evergreen Solution:
Evergreen created a marketing and fully featured CMS system.

Key features:

  • Simple search function tool enables users to seek archived project information.
  • Home page slider images and internal page image thumbnails enhances visual content of the site.
  • Simple administration interface that is easy to use. 
  • Simple search function for users to see out archived projects.


Evergreen seamlessly migrated the data and information from the old site to the new one, minimising time spent duplicating content. The addition of a simple search function tool for users to seek out the engineering firm's archived projects has both increased the user-friendliness of the site and saved the company associates time, as previously they had to manually search for relevant archived projects to email to clients.

Full Case Study

As a long standing client of online database application specialists Evergreen, the Gloucestershire based web development company was the obvious choice for this professional London firm to contact when they were looking to give their marketing website a more modern twist, update their Content Management System and migrate data from their old site to a potential new one.

As well as making improvements to the back end of the website by upgrading the existing CMS, Evergreen also increased the user friendliness and functionality of the site by implementing a search function in the archive projects section of the site, so that clients could easily recall a past project by looking it up on the website themselves.

Hurst Peirce + Malcolm provides a wide range of design and advisory services to clients from the private and public sectors. Whilst the practice hails from a different industry sector to Evergreen, both companies share many of the same values.  Partners at Hurst, Peirce & Malcolm are active in their field, 'taking personal responsibility for each project throughout its course to provide clients with continuity, consistency and direct accountability'.  The firm is large enough to undertake major projects yet sufficiently compact for the partners to give a personal service and for the firm to undertake smaller schemes economically. Likewise, at Evergreen, projects are managed from start to finish by web development Project Managers, who keep up to date with the latest developments in web technology and design and are highly skilled at what they do. Evergreen prides itself on having big company website expertise with small company values. This common approach to the way the two companies work with their clients has been the foundation of their 10 year business relationship and both organisations can boast of having a high percentage of repeat business from well satisfied clients.

Seamless migration of data to new contemporary website

Michael Chung joined Hurst Peirce + Malcolm in 1997 and became a Partner in 2012. After settling in to his new role, his attentions turned in 2013 to the firm's website. Realising that the time was right for a new fresher look to the website, he contacted Evergreen to give the site a contemporary makeover. Says Michael Chung, 'Hurst Peirce + Malcolm is a company renowned to be at the cutting edge of structural engineering and we wanted a refreshed website to reflect this.'

From his first interaction with Evergreen, Michael was confident that Evergreen understood what needed to be achieved from the new website. The Hurst Peirce + Malcolm website primarily has a marketing function, mainly for people who already know about the company and are in search of contact details. It also has to be a source of information of past and present projects that they have undertaken. Pleased with the existing site that Evergreen had created for them and which had served them so well for many years, Michael explains that they did not want to start from scratch inputting most of the same data into a new site, so Evergreen seamlessly migrated the data and information from the old site to the new one.
Evergreen created a new contemporary feel to the website by increasing its visual presence, introducing sliding images on the home page and thumbnail images on internal pages that described the job that Hurst Peirce + Malcolm were doing, so that visitors would be encouraged to click through for more information.

Evergreen are responsive and easy to deal with

Michael recognises that visitors are more attracted to images rather than wading through reams of text and admits that a more visual presence has made a big difference to the overall look and feel of the site and the introduction of image thumbnails on internal pages has made the site more user friendly. Evergreen also increased the user friendliness and functionality of the site by implementing a simple to use search function in the archive projects section of the site, so that clients can easily recall a past project by looking it up on the website themselves. Says Michael Chung, 'This feature has saved us a tremendous amount of time not having to email details of individual past projects to clients. We can now just direct them to the page on our website where they can search and find what they are looking for with ease.'

Asked what it has been like working with Evergreen, Michael is quick to reply that 'Evergreen are responsive and easy to deal with. Our queries are always dealt with promptly and they are very good at delivering what we ask of them in a cost effective way.'

Even after the website had only been live for a few days, Michael Chung was already receiving very positive feedback from his work colleagues and can confidently look forward to receiving further positive reviews from clients old and new, who will visit the site. 'I would definitely recommend Evergreen to other businesses' he remarks when asked if his own experience with Evergreen had been a positive one. Why wouldn't he when he continues to praise Evergreen for being 'easy to deal with and very effective at delivering what is asked of them.'


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