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Improving data quality and data management will have a measurable impact across your business.

Improving data quality and data management will have a measurable impact across your business.

Custom CRM system and website for specialist data management company was established by Managing Director, Ian Cray, to help companies identify and address data management issues.  

KETL love helping organisations make the most of their data, covering everything from data quality, integration and migration to warehousing, data analysis and visualisation – all backed up by a proven track record.  

Evergreen challenge:

As a company specialising in data management KETL needed a robust website with advanced CRM capability that would evolve with the business.  The system had to be secure and adaptable and provide a continuity of service.

They needed a site that would reach out to new clients and provide existing clients with further information as well as have the capability to develop technical resources with an interactive sign up.

Evergreen solution:

Evergreen developed a custom website solution that:

  • Is flexible and secure  
  • Allows KETL to monitor the way visitors interact with the resources on the site 
  • Allows KETL to adapt to feedback and clients’ needs
  • Offers instant updating facilities

“First Impressions”

Managing Director, Ian Cray talks about the Evergreen process “we wanted the peace of mind of the security and continuity of service” and Ian added “we wanted to work with a company that would be able to adapt to our changing needs as the project progressed.

Helen Woodcock, Business Development and Marketing Manager continues “Our initial meeting with Evergreen was really helpful and it enabled me to understand how the project would evolve and the phases that we would go through. We worked on the scheduling of the design phase with the design company, Thirteen, alongside the build of the site.

KETL use the site to reach out to new clients and to provide existing clients with further information about the other services they offer.  They have been able to easily create more content on this version of the site and use the CMS to A/B test content for relevancy and for reaction. 

“Patience and understanding”

This was Helen’s first experience of project managing a complete site redesign. Helen explains “the biggest advantage of working with Evergreen was their patience and understanding. I worked with one developer (Lewis) and we built up an understanding of how we both operated. We had review stages and meetings to work out the next phase of the design and checked the built environment against the original brand designs from the designer.” 

When Evergreen first started to discuss the options for CRM integration into the website it became clear to Ketl that they could gain more from a bespoke system.  

“It’s changed the way we communicate with clients”

Helen says “This has changed the way that we communicate with existing and new clients. We have also changed the way that we produce content because the CMS allows me to constantly update the site. We can be proactive as well as reactive to the needs of our clients.

 “Can do attitude”

Talking more about the experience of working with Evergreen Helen added “The technical know-how of the developer at Evergreen meant that there is always a ‘can do’ attitude. 

Not once did Lewis say to me no that can’t be done. He was able to work with other agencies to build APIs for other applications that I use for my marketing activity. Lewis would discuss with me the different options and the implications of those options.

“New prospects” 

Helen summarises the response from employees and clients “We have had a very positive reaction to the site and the additional content that we have been able to make available thanks to the CMS and the website in general. We have had direct contact with new prospects via the new site.

What’s next? 

The website and CRM development is being reviewed on an ongoing basis.  There is a plan for this ongoing work and KETL are confident in the knowledge that as the company grows so will the functionality of the site and functions of the CRM.  This is all due to the flexibility that has been built into the system. 

Helen mentions “Our web development (and CRM) is ongoing so we have a review in place and a plan for the next change release. We will also undertake further development on SEO.

“Could not have delivered the new site without their (Evergreen) time and understanding”

Finally to describe the experience with Evergreen, Helen sums it saying “It was a great feeling after 9 months of design and development for the site to go live. The first response to an email I had sent via the CRM was also a good moment!

Evergreen have been so supportive in the evolution of our website and I could not have delivered the new site without their time and understanding”.


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