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Specialist staff suppliers in Berkshire and across the South East
MAS Industrial Recruitment

Specialist staff suppliers in Berkshire and across the South East

Fully Managed Website and Software System for a Recruitment Agency

MAS Recruitment Ltd are specialist staff suppliers in Berkshire, providing staffing solutions for hundreds of organisations across the South East. As a recruitment agency it is vital to have the flexibility and accessibility to be able to update job postings, live information and so much more via a website. 

The business realised that their website was underperforming for their needs, their hosting company provided limited support, and the content management and email system that was provided with the website were unreliable.

More importantly, they had no control over managing and updating the website. Each time a change was required, including minor amendments to content, the business had to re-engage with their hosting company to request any actions be completed. This increased the time taken to update the site as well as the investment of maintaining the website for MAS Recruitment.

The business concluded that these issues needed an immediate resolution to ensure a stable and secure way forward. They sought out a provider who could create a system with a reliable email; was interactive and user-friendly both for the end user and their team; and, most importantly, provide them with complete control over managing and updating the site themselves.

Finding a Bespoke Solution that Worked

MAS Recruitment found Evergreen on Google whilst searching for organisations with strong credentials and experience and able to provide them with a bespoke website and software solution.

Before approaching Evergreen, the business first reviewed websites from other recruitment agencies in their industry and identified the key requisites they desired to efficiently manage the multiple elements required for both their website and content management system.

Evergreen spent time with MAS Recruitment to fully understand every aspect that they wanted to achieve in terms of the design and functionality of their own website and software system.

Evergreen understood their vision and were able to provide all aspects of their requirements. This covered a range of functions including updating page content and imagery, adding news items and job posts, to having the ability to customise the theme of the site to Easter, Christmas, whatever they desire if they so wish.

As the previous email system was so unreliable, Evergreen conducted detailed trials of the new system during its development phase. This provided reassurance that the new system delivered all the functionality MAS required, had no glitches and was reliable.

“Because we do not have to go to Evergreen with lots of little changes it has provided a massive cost saving benefit to our business”

The Additional Benefit of Ongoing Support

Having completed the design and development of the new website and software system for MAS Recruitment, Evergreen continues to provide ongoing support to the business in the form of website hosting which includes a hosting support package.

Evergreen also provide MAS with a service contract whereby if they require any more significant changes to the software this can be done within this support. MAS Recruitment fully understands how to use the bespoke system created for them and are updating content effectively with no issues. It provides them with all the functionality that they require. 

“Highly Recommended”

How does MAS Recruitment sum up their experience with Evergreen:

“Contacted Evergreen, gave them our objectives, they delivered those objectives, cost-effectively, and to our complete satisfaction. Highly recommended.”
Suzanne Rowe, Principle Consultant

In addition to this Suzanne highlighted how professional Evergreen was during the development process and the extent of the high-quality support provided since they started working with the team at MAS Recruitment.

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