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First for choice in Massage Tables, Chairs and Accessories from across the globe
Massage Table Store

First for choice in Massage Tables, Chairs and Accessories from across the globe

Massage Table Store


Suppliers of Oakworks, Darley, Marshcouch, New Concept and Therapy 2000 as well as other brands. Home-users, professional therapists and students all use Massage Table Store for unbeatable choice, value and service.

Evergreen first got involved with David Woodhouse and The Massage Table Store a few years ago. Before that, the company had a simple, information-only website. Unfortunately, it wasn't generating business. In a world where the next buyer could just as easily be outside the UK as in South Gloucestershire, an effective Web-presence means everything. That was when, guided by the company's management consultants, Evergreen got involved and everything changed for the better.

Responsiveness is everything

As well as an attractive, informative shop window, the Massage Table Store needs a silent salesperson to continuously engage, inform and sell to their prospects with minimal involvement from David and his colleagues. The latter was particularly important, as David wanted to be able to make occasional changes quickly and painlessly - without having to master a complicated, time-consuming content management interface. Responsiveness is everything to The Massage Table Store and a quality that's top of the list in their business partners. From the start of the relationship, through site design and construction, population of the online databaseand subsequent maintenance, Evergreen made life easy.

Evergreen freed us from worries about technical website intricacies

'Population of the site couldn't have been simpler,' explains Woodhouse. 'Evergreen designed a structure that we could follow in a simple logical sequence as we populated the site with our data. There isn't much more to say; it just worked, first time, and it's kept working ever since. With the success of the site, we've got our work cut out keeping up with business. The last thing we need is to get bogged down with technical intricacies. Evergreen freed us from those worries. You can't put a price on that.'

'We trust Evergreen completely.'

'We trust Evergreen completely. On a couple of occasions, we've found out after the event that there have been server issues. Instead of making a big thing of the problem, Evergreen simply dealt with the problem, then updated us. It's like having someone looking out for you, simplifying the technical complexities of the Web. Our customers like the site too, and several have commented on how easy it is to use.'

Naturally, The Massage Table Store needs to keep on top of its performance. As well as the usual website statistics, David's team needs accurate data about the status and value of the online orders from thousands of customers. With their specialist knowledge of online databases, the Evergreen team created the reports that gave David the rolling monthly and annual analyses he needs.

Listening, understanding and doing the job

'I've said it before and I'll say it again,' says Woodhouse, I honestly can't praise Evergreen enough. I'd recommend them 100 per cent - and I've done so several times. They listen to your needs, understand them quickly, and then design a system that does the job with just a few minutes' routine input from us each day. And when we ask a question, we get an answer in normal language, not technical mumbo-jumbo. That makes a huge difference too.'


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This company actually LISTENS then acts - quickly! We recommend them 100% to anyone looking for a professional approach to e-commerce web development.

David Woodhouse, director

Massage Table Store

The website is absolutely EXCELLENT - and I mean that. Its very easy to move around and very clear and works quickly and efficiently. I have to say its one of the best I have seen recently.

Fiona Oliver, customer

Massage Table Store