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Pet Products Delivered to Your Door
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Pet Products Delivered to Your Door

Bespoke E-commerce Platform for AJM

AJM Pet Products Ltd has been trading for over 30 years, and are the UK agents for three major European manufacturers of pet products.

This full e-commerce solution allows pet owners to buy directly from a quality distributor.

We utilised the quality graphic designs produced by an external agency for the print-version of AJM's catalogue.

Full Case Study

When a thriving petfood wholesaler aspired to the next level in an increasingly competitive marketplace, a reliable database-driven e-commerce website was a top priority.

A fast, reliable online store

Since 2005, in conjunction with designers Ice Creative, Evergreen has helped AJM's growth and support for retailers and the increasing numbers of pet owners who purchase leading brands such as Techni-Cal, Cat's Best and Chipsi online. As well as being a fast, reliable Web store, supported by a sophisticated online database, the website has to complement AJM's conventional catalogue. And, because product ranges keep growing and AJM run a lot of promotions, there's always plenty of updating to do to keep everything up to date.

AJM's first website was a simple affair, back when they had a single brand. However, as more lines were added, the site became increasingly complex. To make life easier for the increasing numbers of site visitors, Evergreen worked with AJM to simplify the structure, make it more intuitive and expose visitors to other products of interest to them - and their pets. The partnership, at such a critical time in AJM's development, has been a great success.

'Our market place is changing increasingly rapidly,' explains Sue James, AJM's company secretary. 'Largely because of the internet, it's a very different place compared to 10 years ago and we know this trend will continue. Therefore for AJM to prosper, we must stay ahead of the game. Evergreen has helped us do this. We know pet food but they know website technology: we work well together. '

The site is in good hands

So, what's the secret?

'Evergreen has always been incredibly responsive;' Sue continues, 'they understand what we need and always deliver results quickly and, above all, with minimal hand-holding. Such is our confidence that we now entrust many of our promotions to them. We brief them and let them get on with it, which is handy because we can concentrate on the business knowing that the website is in capable hands.'

Business reports, tailored to AJM's needs

To make the most of their promotions, AJM tells customers about their latest offers by email. Capturing customer details and managing opt-in is an area where Evergreen's expertise has been vital. And, because accurate management information is also crucial to AJM's success, Evergreen has complemented the usual site-traffic analysis with business reports tailored to AJM's needs.

'Evergreen helps us "punch above our weight" '

'Ever since we launched the website at the 2005 Supreme Cat Show, we've had a very positive response from our visitors. They love the look and feel of the site, its reliability and, particularly, its ease of use since we overhauled the structure. As a relatively small business competing with much bigger companies, Evergreen's work undoubtedly helps us "punch above our weight".'


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