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Performance Properties are property investment specialists based in south Wales
Performance Properties

Performance Properties are property investment specialists based in south Wales

Enhanced web-based investor platform

Performance Properties had been there and been told "no" by other software developers.

Their website was a sub-par user experience for potential clients and frustrating for their own staff to use. Definitely not what is needed to run a successful business.

The problem

Other developers said what Performance Properties wanted was not possible, and that facilities and tools could not be added to the website. Apparently the code could not be fixed to accommodate their requirements. 

The solution

Once Performance Properties contacted Evergreen they realised we would not lie down and say no.

We listened carefully to what they wanted, the tools and facilities that their customer needed, and we laid out the different ideas that could be done to enhance the user experience of the website.

In particular, one previous developer said one issue would take a year to fix. It only took us 6 days to solve.

The benefit

The website and client portal now has fantastic functionality due to an increased number of tools and the feedback from website users has been impressive. A huge back log of bug-fixes, tweaks, and new functionality has all been completed in short time-frame.

Performance Properties now has a system that reflects their position in the market place. They offer a quality and professional service, so their web-system for their investors needs to be just as slick.

Ieuan from Performance Properties says “Evergreen do not just brush you off, or say you have to start the website from scratch again. They are a developer who are responsive and receptive, they are there when you need something doing, they look at all options to make the project work before having to say no. I would recommend them 100%


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