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A Change Management Consultancy Seeking Insight for their Clients
Sagaciti Consulting Ltd

A Change Management Consultancy Seeking Insight for their Clients

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Back In 2017, Dave Hayler and Andy Williams from Sagaciti sought help to realise their change management consultancy vision, but they needed help. Evergreen’s help.

The problem

They had created an amazing spreadsheet, populated with an analytical framework, capable of assessing any organisation, department or team. Unfortunately, the spreadsheet interface and system capability limitations needed to change to win new clients.

The solution:

Evergreen transformed the incredibly complex spreadsheet into a powerful Cloud-based tool that mines and prioritises data from multiple levels and sub-levels within client organisations.

A year on, the outcome of the project, called Insight, went live.

The benefits:

Within weeks of launch, this innovative platform fired up corporate imaginations. Interest was coming from organisations as diverse as a pan-European technical consultancy and the healthcare sector. Proof indeed of an innovative product and a software solution capable of encompassing many business profiles.

Andy and Dave can’t praise Evergreen’s work enough. They’re also quick to recount how impressed third parties are by the transformation of the spreadsheet into today’s Cloud-based platform. And, yes, they’ve already recommended Evergreen several times. 

That’s what we love about Evergreen,’ adds Andy, ‘and what gives us complete confidence that, even if we take longer than planned, we’ll get the product we want. Sagaciti’s future depends on Evergreen’s input. We trust them implicitly to deliver. It’s a bonus that they’re also thoroughly decent people and we have really enjoyed working with them.


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Evergreen’s expertise, problem-solving, responsiveness and determination to deliver a quality product have showcased their talents. They’ve delivered a masterclass in developing client ideas into a precisely specified bespoke product.

Andy Williams, Director and co-founder

Andy Williams, Director and co-founder

Sagaciti Consulting Ltd