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Bristol based creative and communications agency

Bristol based creative and communications agency

Responsive Web Development and CMS for Thirteen

Thirteen is a Bristol based creative communications agency, working with clients in cultural, corporate and government sectors. Established 15 years ago the team at Thirteen works on editorial design, marketing and promotional communications and has extensive experience in information design and illustration across a range of platforms and media.

Evergreen challenge:

The challenge was to provide a responsive and flexible website incorporating a Content Management System (CMS).

Evergreen solution:

  • Offers portfolio support for new business
  • Is ‘self-marketing’
  • Is responsive and robust 
  • Incorporates a comprehensive but easy to use CMS

Self-Marketing Responsive Website

Chief Designer and Director Danny Jenkins first heard of Evergreen via a recommendation. 

Following continued success and business growth Thirteen were looking to refresh their brand and develop their website. They were looking for a responsive website that offered an easy to use CMS that would provide information on the portfolio in terms of new business that was also self-marketing.

“Swift efficiency and attention to detail”

Talking about his experience of working with Evergreen, Danny says “With a clear skill set and expertise, Evergreen carry out their work with a swift efficiency and attention to detail”.

“A perfect fit”

As a Design and Communication company, the choice of Web Developer was an important decision to make. Thirteen needed a company that could offer the service and specialism they required to develop the site but with the flexibility that allows Thirteen to do what they do best – the design work. 

Explaining further Danny mentioned “Evergreen know who they are – specialists in digital development – they don’t make the mistake of overstepping boundaries. For us this is a perfect fit. Their skills are entirely complimentary to ours.

“Shinier and more confident”

Thirteen’s clients and peers have been nothing but complimentary about the site and in his own words Danny says “we look shinier and feel a lot more confident with a good robust website behind us”.

One of the main advantages of the new site is its robustness, with the ability to add and edit as and when necessary. The new site has encouraged the team at Thirteen to be more disciplined in terms of managing the site content and updating the information. 

Since the recent launch of the site Danny and his colleagues have already recommended Evergreen to other Design Agencies and clients who are also looking to work with a company that really take the time to understand their clients’ needs and providing customised solutions to business issues.

“Great Value.......easy to work with”

In summary Danny added “Great Value. Nice people. Easy to work with - that, in our experience, is very rare in a developer”. 

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