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Wind Power Community Websites
Wind Prospect Ltd

Wind Power Community Websites

Pop-up Consultation Websites for Multinational Wind Prospect

Wind Prospect provides services and consultancy throughout the wind farm lifecycle, from development through to operation and repowering. With offices in the UK, Ireland, France, Poland, South Africa and Asia Pacific the group is a global supplier.

Evergreen Challenge:
To build an online system capable of administering and launching multiple community-consultation websites 

Evergreen Solution:
Evergreen created...

  • An administration system to re-create microsites with customisable templates and imagery.
  • An easy-to-use content management system for individual project managers.
  • An integrated map showing locations of the turbines, photos from vantage points, and anticipated site imagery.
  • A platform to collect data and view statistics, reports and feedback from website visitors.

The database administration is all online and accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing wind farm projects in the furthest corners of the planet to engage with their local communities, solicit feedback and communicate progress.

Wind Prospect use Evergreen's bespoke web development expertise to make sure that each Wind Farm website has enough flexibility to suit each community, but is also under central control for ease of use and manageability.

Full Case Study

As one of the most successful independent renewable energy developers in the world, The Wind Prospect Group has played a major role in the development of wind energy onshore both in the UK and internationally. Wind Prospect built the UK's second wind farm in 1992 and is now a major player in the wind energy sector not just in the UK but also in Ireland, France, Poland, South Africa and Australia.

Recognising that success within the wind industry is down to selecting new sites sensitively and scaling each development to fit within its local environment, soon after joining the organisation in 2007 Corporate Affairs and Marketing Manager Mark Wilson identified the need for Wind Prospect to create community websites for the areas where wind projects were under consultation. Having worked with Evergreen on a successful web project during his previous employment, Mark was confident that Gloucestershire-based web software development specialists, Evergreen could deliver what was required to build an online system to manage the community websites that needed to be launched for individual wind farm projects.

A launch that was quick and efficient.

Marketed to the local community as a whole, the community websites needed to be both informative and interactive. Sections displaying maps, facts and figures and an outline of the stages involved in developing a wind farm, as well as a description of the benefits there would be to the community were essential features. As social media was in its infancy at this time, of equal importance was the need to create a platform for local residents to leave their feedback on any particular project within the area and so a 'Have Your Say' questionnaire was included in the template. It was vital that the community sites were launched quickly and efficiently so that accurate information could be in the public domain as soon as possible and well ahead of any other material published from unofficial source.

Consummate professionals in their service and approach.

The first community site launched was a wind farm in New Zealand and since then with a bespoke online database system built by Evergreen, Wind Prospect is now proud to have created 50 community websites around the world. Whilst half the content of each community site remains the same (containing general information about Wind Prospect and its work), the other half is bespoke and relevant to the local community.

Evergreen created an online system capable of administering and launching multiple community-consultation websites using a template that could be easily and efficiently replicated by Wind Prospect, giving the company total flexibility which Mark Wilson affirms is of 'great value to the company'. Clearly delighted with the way the project has evolved, he is full of praise for Evergreen, 'Evergreen are consummate professionals in their service and approach. They have helped us build a website system based on a back-room database which makes the propagation of project specific websites quick, easy and cost-effective.He continues to add, 'Regardless of the fact that we now have in excess of 50 community websites created with Evergreen's help, we've not had any issues from using the system compared to other systems I have seen introduced.'

One of the advantages of having a bespoke online system developed uniquely for you is that it is flexible to grow as your business grows and this is reflected through the recent project that Evergreen has completed for Wind Prospect in 2013. Wind Prospect Developments Ltd (WPDL), a joint venture partnership between EDF Energy Renewables (EDF ER) and Wind Prospect, was established to develop wind farms in the UK. A decision was made to re-brand all forthcoming projects developed by WPDL under EDF ER branding and the first port of call was a visual change to the community website. Evergreen was commissioned to add a new template to the CMS system which could exactly replicate the design of the current EDF ER website, whilst using the existing text content.
Nicola Quinn, Communications Manager at Wind Prospect who worked with Evergreen during this re-brand project has echoed Mark Wilson's commendation of Evergreen. Commenting that she has had positive feedback since the completion of the re-branded community website, she says that she would certainly recommend Evergreen to other businesses, 'Our recent experience working with Evergreen was great from a client service perspective. The job was turned around quickly following initial briefing and edits were completed as soon as asked. I would recommend them to others.'

Evergreen continuously excel at delivering high quality projects.

Evergreen's involvement with Wind Prospect has not just been limited to one project. In 2008, The Wind Prospect Group re-launched its corporate site which was aimed at banks and investors wanting to buy a service, whether it be construction services or project management. The challenge for Evergreen was to create a site that would replicate well in other country domains. The CMS is easy-to-use, requires minimal training time and can be accessed online, so that staff in other countries can alter the initial set up of the basic template. This means that they can easily use the system to add content relevant to the country concerned and in a manner that is conducive to the culture of the country in question.

In 2009, Evergreen created a website for Wind Direct. Part of the Wind Prospect group, Wind Direct is one of the leading wind turbine suppliers and installers in the UK for on-site generation, specialising in the provision of green, low cost wind generated electricity. This website was aimed at companies who would be interested in leasing land they own for a turbine or two and then buying the wind generated electricity for the needs of their business. In both cases, Evergreen created websites with the right visual impact and with easy-to-use and flexible Customer Management Systems.

Whilst the Wind Prospect projects that Evergreen has been involved with over the years have been many, the message of consistency is clear from Mark Wilson as he happily rates the support he has received and continues to receive from Evergreen as '100% in terms of accessibility, accountability, reliability and responsiveness.' He recalls an incident during one of the projects when Evergreen came to the rescue one Sunday just before bonds were being issue the next day. Mark explains, 'Despite the fact that it was out of office hours and that the problem was not of Evergreen's making, they helped fix the problem quickly and efficiently, showing their commitment to customer care, which is above and beyond what was expected of them.'

Future development for Wind Prospect websites will include adding a news feed, updating the community site templates and making all the websites mobile responsive. No guesses are needed as to which company Mark Wilson will be turning to see these developments through as to sum up he says,

''Evergreen continuously excel at delivering high quality projects often within difficult time-scales. Our long-term relationship has provided the Evergreen team with an insight into our business and markets and I now consider them to be more than a service provider, but an extension of the Wind Prospect team.'


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