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Location planning analysts - providing insight into store locations, identifying opportunities for tactical and strategic growth.
Maximise (UK) Ltd

Location planning analysts - providing insight into store locations, identifying opportunities for tactical and strategic growth.

Data Analysis and Planning System for Maximise

Maximise (UK) Ltd provides strategic location analysis for a wide variety of retail organisations. The database held by Maximise enables retailers to pro-actively target new store locations, rather than working from just property availability.

Evergreen Challenge:
Realising that using spreadsheets to store and manipulate data was time-consuming, inefficient, not as secure as it could be and holding him back from business expansion, Director David Haywood contacted Evergreen to build an online database system to help his business grow.

Evergreen Solution:
Evergreen created...

  • A system that enables maximise to provide their service of strategic location analysis to their clients, whilst retaining ownership of the data compiled in order to provide this analysis.
  • A database system allowing Maximise to administer client subscriptions ans well as upload benchmark settings.
  • A client area showing pre-determined benchmark settings.
  • A target filter feature so clients can make amendments tailored to their requirements.
  • A target listing feature, showing results search based on the client's pre-set benchmark settings and target filters.
  • A tabular layout to show Google map locations reporting

With the introduction of the bespoke online database system created by Evergreen, he now spends about 50% less of his time processing and updating data and has a more professional and secure platform, giving him confidence to target bigger clients and expand his business opportunities further.

Full Case Study

In March 2013, realising that working with standard off the shelf software such as Microsoft Excel and Access was now too limiting and that his company's data could be vulnerable and at risk, Maximise UK's Director David Haywood knew that he had to find an online database solution to help his business grow.

Evergreen showed enthusiasm and brought new ideas to the table.

David knew that as the industry in which he works is forever changing and evolving that this would not be a finite project, so it was important that he found a locally based specialist online database partner that he could interact with face-to-face on a regular basis and know that technical support would be forthcoming and efficient. A simple Google search led David to several local online database companies but there was one company that shone out against the rest. Says David, ''I needed an internet platform for the location appraisal work of the business and was looking for a local company that could help me with this. Each company I contacted could do the remit but Evergreen showed more enthusiasm than the rest and brought new ideas to the table. From my first interaction with them, It felt like a relationship that could grow.''

David's brief was simple – he needed a powerful yet secure online database platform to enable his company to provide its clients with a strategic location analysis service, whilst retaining ownership of the data compiled in order to provide this analysis. David explains, ''I could tell from the clients that I was dealing with that the system I was using was not powerful enough. The size of the excel files I was creating made it slow and difficult for them to open files on laptops etc. I had to have an internet solution as without it I was restricted to the size of clients I wanted to target and could not grow my business.''

A system that is simple, fast and easy to use.

Evergreen built an online database system, which allows clients to securely log in to their unique benchmark settings, which are configured following a consultation with Maximise (UK). The Management section of the database allows Maximise to administer client subscriptions and upload client benchmark settings. Once logged in, clients can select criteria through a series of filters in order to build a search that is tailored to their exact requirements. The target listing shows the results of the search based on the clients' benchmark settings and the target filters which have been set. Clients can sort the list in multiple columns in order to suit their needs. David Haywood reports that the feedback has been very positive from those who have already utilised the online database system, citing that they have found it 'simple, fast and easy to use'.

One of the key features of this bespoke web application is being able to link the strategic data to Google mappings, allowing clients to zoom in to Google street view, giving them both a visual and numeric interpretation of the strategic data. The various reports and Google map locations appear in a tabular layout so that when headings are clicked, the area defined for the reports is populated by the appropriate report information. Accurate and easy to read reports can be generated from the system including a competitive intensity report, grocery expenditure report and demographic profile. However, David Haywood rates the 'One Page' report as one he could not now do without, as it succinctly brings all the information he needs together so that he can gain a general overview and look at more detailed specific reporting as and when necessary.

An invaluable business tool which enables businesses to grow.

David Haywood estimates that the time he now spends updating processes is almost halved now that he has a bespoke online database system as it is so easy to update, accurate and creates less margin for error than working with multiple spreadsheets. He highly values the security, flexibility and portability of the bespoke web application and describes the database system as 'an invaluable business tool.' He describes how it has given his company a more confident, professional standing when attending client meetings allowing his business to target bigger clients, as David explains, ''Having an online system that I can demonstrate when meeting clients gives me greater confidence as I can offer a more professional platform rather than using standard off the shelf software. With secure log-ins, a highly professional look and Google mapping, the database system Evergreen have built for me is a powerful package.''

One of the advantages of bespoke application software built by Evergreen is that whilst being tailored to the current individual needs of the company, it is also robust and flexible enough to meet the growing demands of the business. Further developments in the pipeline for Maximise include adding various data refreshers in time for the release of the Census data next year and developing the system to expand into other retail sectors. With these developments in mind David Haywood acknowledges that he ''made the right decision'' in choosing bespoke application development specialists Evergreen. ''I wanted an online database company that I could grow with as things are constantly changing and developing in my business and in the industry in which I work. There is always growth in what I do and Evergreen have given me the tools to make that growth possible.''

So what has it been like working with Evergreen and what has the support been like? Says David, ''I've enjoyed the working relationship with Evergreen. I have found them to be very welcoming and very easy to get along with. They are great for me to bounce ideas off and they generate ideas that I had not even thought about.''

He continues to add that there have been very few teething problems, much less than he had anticipated and that Evergreen have been responsive and efficient in their ongoing support, guiding him through every step of the development of the system. As David confirms. ''They are always putting ideas forward of better ways of doing things and have a depth of understanding of what I am trying to achieve, which is in the end to our mutual benefit.''  He gives an example of this by how they had recommended that he include a feature offering 2 levels of service (premier and standard) within the data subscription service that could help to increase the revenue stream for Maximise. ''Evergreen really care about your business and want you to succeed. They came up with a great revenue generating idea for my business and continue to make practical suggestions to help me get the best for my business.''

David has already spoken highly of Evergreen to clients he has been involved with and will continue to do so in the future. "I have been impressed with Evergreen's professionalism, knowledge, enthusiasm and idea generation for the development of my online database system. I work in a specialised area and now have a third party who take as much trouble to get on board with what my business is doing as I do."