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Multi-Client Prospecting System for Windowbase

The building industry's leading application for managing prospect data and customer relationships

Fast access to up-to-date data is vital for customers of Windowbase, a specialist in prospect data for the window industry and other sectors. When Windowbase wanted an updated database to meet changing customer requirements, a bespoke product was essential – as was a partner with the skills and experience to meet their high expectations ...

A Bespoke Online Database

The Windowbase involvement with Evergreen began with the takeover of hosting for the company's website during 2009. The fast, hassle-free transfer left Neil Parsonson, database manager at Windowbase, impressed with Evergreen's capabilities. So much so, that when Windowbase required a sophisticated new database, South Gloucestershire-based Evergreen was immediately shortlisted...

Seeking a suitable partner

'A few years ago,' explains Parsonson, 'we supplied specialist mailing list data each quarter. Changed customer expectations mean we're now expected to offer clients real-time online access to prospect data. We also have ambitious plans to develop our database into a versatile customer CRM tool.'

With these objectives in mind, Parsonson identified his requirements and sought a suitable partner. 'We had a very clear vision and definitely didn't want an off-the-shelf database that could be adapted to our needs. Instead, we wanted a bespoke solution from a suitably qualified and experienced specialist. Of several shortlisted businesses, it was Evergreen that offered the combination of willingness, enthusiasm and database skills we sought.'

'Unfazed by a tight deadline'

Timescales were critical because the new database was required for a fast-approaching trade show. Led by this, pre-project estimates of a five-month lead time were turned on their head by Parsonson's insistence that the database be completed in just eight weeks. 'What impressed us most,' he explains, 'was how Evergreen was unfazed by our unmissable deadline. From the start, their team focused on our needs. And while some potential suppliers had been preoccupied with what couldn't be done, Evergreen consistently found solutions to deliver what we wanted. They've also been very good to work with.'

A successful business relationship

'What's more, their approach and credibility made it easy to respect the few occasions when they had to declare something unfeasible. Even then, rather than merely dismissing our ideas, they always suggested constructive alternatives. It's been a successful partnership, and one that continues to develop as we approach the project's second phase.'

Parsonson struggles to recall many teething troubles. 'As with any project, there were occasional hiccups, but no show-stoppers. Most were down to us urging Evergreen to push the limits of database technology – and during fine tuning of the database.'

Delighted customers

Only months after the launch of Windowbase Prospect Manager, customer response has been unanimously positive. Summarising the success of the new database, Parsonson says: 'Evergreen have given us, and our customers, a powerful resource that's usable by technical and non-technical people alike. If someone wants information as fast and as simply as possible, Prospect Manager does it; equally, power users have the tools to handle the most sophisticated queries and reporting. Either way, customers typically need just minutes' of training to start using the product.'

'We'd recommend Evergreen'

In conclusion, Parsonson is quick to praise Evergreen : 'They're very good at what they do, whether it's database design and implementation, customer support or their ability to work with you as a project partner. We've got a powerful, user-friendly tool that helps customers do business and make money. Most reassuring of all is knowing we're working with a technically proficient team that clearly understands what we're trying to achieve and shares our enthusiasm. We'd definitely recommend Evergreen to other businesses.'

Most reassuring of all is knowing we're working with a technically proficient team that clearly understands what we're trying to achieve and shares our enthusiasm.

Neil Parsonson, DB Manager