has been registered for one of our customers.

We often register and hold domain names as part of our hosting service.


Do you use a spreadsheet to manage important business data?

And do you have difficulty gaining insight from that data or do you struggle to communicate information to your colleagues and remote workers?

Is this holding your business back?

We can help by replacing manual and restrictive processes with software, either online browser-based applications or mobile apps. All our systems are capable of integrating with the existing systems and they're all bespoke, so we're not trying to sell a particular package, just looking to create software to fix pain points and to reduce duplication and errors in the organisation.

Give me a call and we can start the ball rolling.


Why Evergreen?

Established in 1999 Evergreen Computing Ltd is a software development company providing a range of customised solutions for business, from bespoke application software and online database applications to mobile apps.

We have earned a reputation of trust and innovation in our approach to solving business problems.

We really understand how UK businesses work and have experience in providing business software solutions across a wide range of industry sectors. 

A flexible and customised solution can streamline your sales, marketing and production processes as well as saving you time and money to increase the profitability of your business. 

Using new technical support systems can seem daunting, but here at Evergreen we thrive on helping businesses with similar challenges. 

Evergreen solutions can be as simple or as complex you need. We understand that businesses grow and evolve, so every Evergreen on-line database application or mobile app is powerful but flexible and designed both for immediate needs and to grow as a business grows.

All of our team are committed to the success of the companies we work with and we always provide pro-active, flexible and on-going support. Our clients love our big business knowledge with small business values and service.

At Evergreen we are different – we take the time to listen! Call us today for an informal chat on 01454 269087 and find out how a custom system from us could become your next best business solution.