Making sure legacy systems doesn’t hold you back

Moving away from established legacy systems and software is not always feasible. It may be just a timing issue, replacement may be cost prohibitive or perhaps they are so integrated within the business infrastructure that finding the time and impetus to change is a daunting prospect.

Whatever the reason for retaining legacy systems, it is important to ensure that they continue to benefit the business. This can be achieved through ongoing support and development or simply ensuring effective integration with new processes and systems being introduced.


How we can support legacy software

At Evergreen we can provide a range of support for your legacy software or system.

We can undertake an initial assessment of your current processes to help you ascertain the limitations of your existing systems and identify gaps in your requirements that are not being fully supported.

We can then create a programme of support and development to maintain your existing arrangements and, over time, bridge the gaps, either through enhancements to your existing software or through the development of, and integration with, new systems.

If required, we can then work with you to plan the replacement of current legacy software so that data and process flows are maintained. This can all be planned and delivered on a phased basis to spread not only the cost but the time drain on internal resources as well as prevent the risks of business interruption.



Don’t be trapped by legacy software

If you have a legacy system that needs support or is no longer fit for purpose don’t let it hold your business back. Contact Evergreen today to find out how we can help to ensure it remains an effective business tool.