About our team management software

Do you have a network of contractors or disparate teams, such as field sales, that you need to manage remotely? Do you need to coordinate ordering stock or display materials to branch outlets while maintaining brand consistency?

If yes, our team management software can help. It offers a dynamic solution for centralising and controlling resources across your business. Ideal for managing coordination between head office and branch outlets, it streamlines team activities and communication. 

Our team management software enhances operational efficiency and decision-making across different locations, providing a comprehensive platform for overseeing various aspects of team management. 

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Why you need our team management software

With our bespoke team management software, you can… 

  • Manage and maintain HR and health & safety requirements for instant report generation and analytics.
  • Manage contractor and field sales job functions and job sheets with real-time reporting.
  • Coordinate staff activity and enjoy smoother inter-departmental communication. 
  • Manage your ordering processes between remote branches more effectively.
  • Centralise and control documentation and resources between head office and branch outlets. 
  • Create tailored calendar task lists for individual team members while maintaining complete visibility via an intuitive custom dashboard.

Case Study

Ever since we've had Evergreen's bespoke software we have seen a 70% saving in time and money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Evergreen, as I have had nothing but the best service and best value from them.

John Emberton, Managing Director

National Lock and Safe

Saving 70% Time and Money for NLS

Based in Hertfordshire, National Lock & Safe (NLS) is one of the UK's leading Locksmith Services.

They needed to streamline their processes with an automated data base, providing a higher level of customer service than they could currently offer.

Benefits of our team management software

Our bespoke team management software is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance team coordination and management. Here’s how it can benefit your business:

  • Streamlined coordination: Centralise and control resources effectively between head office and branch outlets for streamlined operations.
  • Improved communication: Facilitate better communication within and between teams, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  • Increased productivity: Manage and maintain HR and health & safety requirements with instant report generation, contributing to a more productive work environment.
  • Enhanced resource management: Efficiently coordinate the ordering process and manage documentation across multiple locations.
  • Customised task management: Create tailored task lists with complete visibility via a customised dashboard, ensuring all team members are aligned and focused.
  • Informed decision-making: Gain valuable insights from data analytics and reporting features, guiding decision-making and strategy development.
  • Remote accessibility: Access and manage your team’s operations from any location, providing flexibility and convenience for remote or hybrid working environments.
  • Bespoke interfaces: Tailor the software’s interface to suit your business’s unique needs, enhancing usability and user experience for your team.

Why Evergreen?

For a team management software solution that truly understands the dynamics of your business, turn to Evergreen. Our team management software is meticulously designed to streamline coordination and communication, ensuring efficient operations across various locations. 

With Evergreen, it isn’t just about software; you gain a partner committed to enhancing your team’s productivity and cohesion. 

We can create a team management experience that brings out the best in your workforce.


To speak with one of our experts and find out how we can help your business please call us on 01454 269 087 or send us an email.