Do you have a network of contractors or disparate teams such as field sales which you need to manage remotely?

Do you need to co-ordinate the ordering of stock or display material to branch outlets whilst maintaining brand consistency?

With Our Team Management Business Software you can …

Online Team Management Software

  • Manage and maintain HR and Health & Safety requirements for instant generation of reports and analytics.
  • Manage contractor and field sales job functions and job sheets with real-time reporting.
  • Co-ordinate staff activity and enjoy better inter-departmental communication. 
  • Effectively manage the ordering process of products, marketing and display material between remote branches to maintain brand consistency.
  • Centralise and control documentation and resources between head office and branch outlets. 
  • Create tailored calendar task lists for individual team members, whilst maintaining full visibility via a customised dashboard.


Team Management System:

Team members can be allocated tasks online
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