Exhibition Stand Order Management


Pepsi needed an online administration system to store and select graphics from a pre-determined floor plan that would facilitate orders for a complete exhibition stand based on the graphics supplied by their design agency.

Evergreen's solution for Pepsi provides the following benefits:

  • Managed stock control to avoid duplications and costly mistakes
  • Intuitive, easy to use, fully customisable ordering system for products
  • Ability to organise different brands within the corporate organisation
  • Secure controlled log-ins with varied access for multi users
  • Auto-save facilities with multi-cart functionality


Online Ordering for Multiple Stores Across Europe


Sony were looking for a secure online system for European retail stores to order and manage their Sony PS4 stock throughout Europe.

The Evergreen solution was a web application that provides Sony with the following benefits: 

  • Secure log-in for users and administrators
  • Improved management to avoid duplication, errors and omissions
  • Centralised control
  • Greater visibility with customised reporting
  • Improved system and process documentation


Distributed Ordering Platform for Retail Outlets


O2 needed a robust and secure online ordering platform accessible by in-store staff in 600 stores throughout the UK.

Evergreen’s solution for O2 provides the following key features: 

  • Back orders and returns are easily monitored and multiple orders collated
  • Customised reports with real-time updates provides greater business visibility across stores
  • A separate, secure log-in for each store with a customised dashboard detailing current and back-dated orders and returned items
  • Store specific history of orders and returns, creation of return dockets that includes  quantities and comments
  • A PDF resource section allowing users to access core company documentation


Accessiblity Survey Portal for Surgeries and Practices

RNIBIn conjunction with the RNIB, Evergreen created a secure portal for doctors' surgeries and health care practices.  The portal allows professionals to survey their patient's accessibility needs and anonymously record them for statistical analysis and reporting.

Each practice can submit and review surveys from their own patients within data protection medical care guidelines.

The online platform provided was fully accessible to partially-sighted users.


Bespoke Multi-Module Online Application

Air-FranceEvergreen was commissioned by Tornado Software to build a fully-featured online system to be used throughout the UK for handling incoming and outgoing materials from scrap yards to international airlines.

Air France is amongst the airlines currently using the Evergreen solution with the following main features:

  • The ability to capture and store data from printed sources to meet the new and ongoing industry compliance requirements by using optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Simplicity, greater visibility of the business and full traceability to comply with regulations
  • Secure full identity storage and management
  • All types of payment options covered
  • Accounts are managed quickly and efficiently with automated online invoicing and waste transfer documentation


Bespoke CMS and Maintenance for Insurance Products


Specialising in delivering market-leading insurance solutions for individuals and businesses, the Brightside Group Plc is one of the fastest growing insurance broking and financial services businesses in the UK. 

When Brightside needed a secure online database system, accessible only by Brightside staff and providing seamless integration of leads between different agents in the company's three main offices, the Evergreen solution was the perfect fit.

The system Evergreen designed for Brightside includes the following features:

  • A flexible, easy-to-use content management system with varying authority and access levels that includes a staging facility
  • A practical, easy-to-use interface
  • High level of control over the site's content including web style changes (CSS)
  • Increased efficiency
One Insurance Commercial Van Insurance Professional Sportsperson Insurance


Insurance Campaigns Quotation Pages

At Evergreen we are experienced within the Insurance Sector, having worked closely with Insurers to provide the following services:

  • Designing and implementing multiple-page forms aligned with corporate brands and feeding customer data into a quoting engine
  • Providing a content management system (CMS) to allow ongoing changes, with each  brand and product having their own separate access
Telegraph Lloyds Bank Royal-London
DLG NatWest
Churchill ASDA Halifax


Pop-up Consultation Websites for Multinational Wind Consultants


When Wind Prospect needed an administration system to re-create microsites with customisable templates and imagery, Evergreen provided the perfect solution. We built an easy-to-use content management system for individual project managers.

The system works via an integrated map that displays the locations of the turbines, photos from vantage points and anticipated site imagery, bundled together with a platform to collect data and view statistics, reports and feedback from website visitors.

The online database is accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing wind farm projects in the furthest corners of the planet to engage with their local communities, solicit feedback and communicate progress.

Evergreen's bespoke web development expertise means that Wind Prospect are not only able to ensure every Wind Farm website has the flexibility to suit each community but is also under central control for ease of use and manageability.


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