Bespoke software for your mobiles and tablets

18th July 2016

Everyone has a smart phone or tablet these days and there’s an app for pretty much anything you can think of. So why not use apps at work? Evergreen create bespoke apps for your business.

Offline database app for mobiles and tabletsBelow are some reasons to use bespoke apps in your business:

  1. Apps empower staff to work outside of the office, at home, in a café or on the train.
  2. Bespoke apps are fully integrated into your existing systems so you won’t lose your investment in software.
  3. Offsite staff will always have access to the information they need - secured mobile devices can send and receive data via your main system databases.
  4. Customers benefit from enhanced service – Imagine your remote staff being able to take a prospect’s signature via your iPad or use your phone’s camera to attach photos to a customer’s record.
  5. Customers can use an ordering system via their tablet or smart phone to buy something from your online catalogue.

For more information on how bespoke apps can benefit your business please click here.

Commission Evergreen to develop an app

Do you have a great idea for an app but lack the ability to create it yourself? Evergreen can help!

Greenthumb Travel had a great idea and needed Evergreen’s help to make it a reality – they wanted to create an app for sustainable travel.  The app helps hitchhikers locate drivers who will give them a lift and keeps them safe by recording their journey.

To view more case studies where Evergreen created apps for businesses please click here.

Evergreen create innovative, effective, bespoke software. To speak with one of our project managers and find out how we can help your business please call us on 01454 269 087 or send us an email.