"Our software just isn’t delivering us what we need"

27th March 2018 :: Customer Stories :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

Sound familiar?  Our recent post The 5 Benefits of Custom Software identified the key drivers for businesses looking to work with the team at Evergreen.  One of the most common was because their current software wasn’t performing in the way they needed it to.

Every business demands different things from its software. As they grow, these demands may change; but unfortunately, systems can’t always keep up. In this blog we take a look at some of the ways in which software doesn’t meet the needs of the business and the impact that has on their operation in terms of wasted time, manpower and money.

Our software isn't delivering what we need

No longer fit for purpose

When software no longer meets the needs of the business it can become a significant financial burden and resource hog; requiring manual workarounds, time-consuming replications of data and excessive staff training.  

The only solution for many is to pay to redevelop the system or rely on other software to fill the gaps.

Evergreen understand that every business has different needs, and more importantly that these needs change over time; that’s why we design adaptable systems tailored to your business needs not only now but into the future.  


When UFH approached Evergreen, they were using a system that was no longer fit for purpose. Doug Ingram, Managing Director of UFH Services Ltd, estimated the reliance on this system was costing the business an estimated 20% of revenue.

Evergreen worked in partnership with UFH to create a custom CRM system that now saves the business up to two hours a day.

Doug Ingram, business owner

UFH Services Ltd

“Ninety minutes to two hours a day… over the course of a week, it’s one extra day that we’re saving”.

Package Upgrades

With off the shelf software, it can be easier to keep the system up to date and in line with changing business requirements by upgrading to the next package or level of service.  The downside is that upgrades are often costly, tie you into long contracts and come with other additional features that are not necessarily required.

This leaves businesses with two options, upgrade and pay more for services they do not require or “make do” with their current package.   

At Evergreen, all our software is uniquely tailored to you, there’s no bronze, silver or gold. When you require an additional feature, we can make it happen easily and cost-effectively.


After their previous off the shelf software became so unreliable and expensive that members of staff started to abandon it, Price TWA approached Evergreen to develop an easy-to-use bespoke CRM system.

“All the team are now using the new system and we've received positive feedback, particularly from those who had stopped using the old system.”

No integration

Perhaps the most common reason businesses become unhappy with their current software, is its incompatibility with other systems. This is often due to outdated systems but can also be created by ‘off the shelf’ solutions that cannot be integrated with one another.

The result - replication of data across multiple systems, increased human error, reduced efficiency and frustrated staff.  Additionally, having data segregated across numerous systems makes it harder to get an overall picture of business performance without significant, time-consuming data manipulation.

Evergreen develop software that integrates with other platforms you already know and use, or we can build the bridge between them, meaning no more copying, pasting or increased administration costs.  

CASE STUDY: Greenbox Events

Using several different systems that did not work effectively together Green Box Events worked in partnership with the team at Evergreen to develop a bespoke festival management system.

Clive Phillips, Director

Greenbox Events Ltd

“This all saves me time and ultimately money as now I don't have to do everything myself and the workload can be better shared and delegated. Having the new system will save me a couple of months of headache in the winter!”

A provider with a different approach

If you’re not happy with your current software, we can help. Our software is designed to stand the test of time and integrate with all of your other systems – without expensive upgrades. Get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can help to make your business system deliver the results you need.

Happy clients with Evergreen