What Brexit means for business software

22nd August 2016 :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

Whether it’s going to be carried out or not, the effects of Brexit are already taking place. If we do leave the EU in 2018, business owners need to be ready for Brexit. Evergreen is confident that whatever business environment emerges from Brexit we’ll still be able to provide your business with the software you need.

Data transfer across borders

You may be aware that the EU prevents Google and Facebook from sending its users personal data to the US. US-EU relations are straining over issues such as the right to be forgotten and net neutrality. Brexit will change the way customer and employee data can be transferred between the UK and the European Union.

UK businesses will need to adapt to EU privacy legislation in order to continue doing business with the mainland. Evergreen understands privacy legislation and has previously created software for the London International Model United Nations, allowing delegates to securely book for events and create ID cards from the system - please click here to view the case study.

Relationships with foreign business

There is no guarantee that the UK will still be allowed to trade within the European single market after Brexit, even relationships with US businesses may change - Microsoft has warned that it will be less likely to invest in the UK after Brexit. Other factors to be considered are telecommunications and taxation: Making business calls to and from Britain may become more expensive and goods may be taxed more heavily.

Evergreen worked on an order management system for ARNO, allowing them to receive orders and manage stock across the EUplease click here to see the case study. Order management software will become increasingly important after Brexit, especially if tax and other factors are to be taken into account without reducing efficiency.

Saving resources

If Brexit does negatively affect the British economy, businesses will need to make the most of their staff and resources. The best way to do this is to use team management software, ensuring workloads are managed properly and resources (including time) are allocated in the best way. Evergreen are experts at creating bespoke team management systems, please click here for more information.

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