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Delivering innovative and cost efficient solutions for a wide range of food and farming compliance issues.
HallMark Veterinary & Compliance

Delivering innovative and cost efficient solutions for a wide range of food and farming compliance issues.

Effective Team and Workflow Management System

Established in 2002 and based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, HallMark are one of the fastest growing and agile companies in the Agri-Sector, providing fully managed, large-scale, independent, flexible resourcing solutions across the UK.

Their ability to combine senior subject-matter experts, large-scale staff management and information technology makes HallMark the first point of contact for many organisations looking to meet the challenges of compliance management.

Their portfolio of consultancy services includes advice and support on issues such as Food Safety, Animal Welfare and British Retail Consortium compliance.   

The challenge for Evergreen was to provide a responsive and flexible Team Management System that allowed Hallmark to work on a variety projects, manage workflow, collate results and provide high-level management information.

Evergreen developed a solution that:

  • Offers remote access with instant updates
  • Manages work flow 
  • Is responsive and robust

Avoiding Spreadsheets, Manual Updates and Duplication

Founder and Managing Director John Gerard first approached Evergreen with his own ideas for a system that would hold data, assign and manage work flow, give instant updates and provide management reporting information

John was looking for a responsive system that would negate the need for spreadsheets, manual updates and avoid duplication

Talking about his experience of working with Evergreen, Patrick Steel says "We went to Evergreen with very tight timescales for completion of the project as we were starting work on a new and important project. Evergreen carried out the work as quickly as possible, with efficiency and attention to detail".

"Remote access and accurate records"

As a company offering Veterinary Compliance Services it is important that accurate records and reports are retained and open to access at all times.  The system that Evergreen built for HallMark had to be robust, secure and flexible enough to take into account changing project priorities and in addition ongoing legislative changes. 

HallMark needed a company that could offer the necessary skills, knowledge and experience required to build such a custom system as well as the time to listen and fully understand the requirements of the system both at the point of completion and on an ongoing basis. 

Explaining further Patrick mentioned "The system allows us to allocate visits to our farm inspectors. In turn all the information from their visits is updated immediately and we are able to view a full profile of each visit.  The system holds all the data accurately and even has the facility to include images".

"Management information can be accessed by different authority levels"

The system is accessible by the administrative team, remote workers, management and in addition clients are able to log on and view management information.

Those that use the system have been nothing but complimentary about the ease of access and availability and accuracy of data "it’s quicker, more accurate and we avoid duplication of information".

One of the main advantages of the new system is its robustness, with the ability to add and edit as and when necessary, and the facility to evolve the system for future projects.  Patrick adds "all correspondence relating to a profile can be stored and filed to that particular profile, its available when needed and the information is secure".

Since implementing using the new system Patrick said "I would recommend Evergreen to other businesses that need a software solution to improve or manage their activities.

"We are already working on another new system"

In fact, HallMark have already started working with Evergreen on a new system for a completely different project, and with Evergreen's dedication to fully understanding their clients’ needs it won’t be too long before the new system is up and running.


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