How Evergreen cuts production costs

20th September 2016 :: Customer Stories :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

How does software translate into real, tangible reductions in production costs?

Business owners are always looking at how to be more efficient and save resources. When assessing production it’s easy to overlook software and focus on the physical processes; however, software can have a big impact on production costs.

Evergreen creates bespoke production management software (BPMS) which allows businesses to reduce production costs and gain control over manufacturing processes.

Automation speeds things up

Time is easily wasted on administrative tasks such as stock control, orders and invoices – often with information being replicated across systems. Automation via BPMS allows staff to make better use of their time and avoid unnecessary data replication. Please view this case study to see how Evergreen can improve teamwork, time management and administration.

Greater access through cloud computing

Evergreen BPMS incorporates the cloud, making information securely accessible anywhere. This is particularly useful for staff working off site or in a warehouse as they can access data on stock and orders from their mobile devices. Please view this case study for an example of how Evergreen incorporated cloud computing with a remotely accessible team management system.

Centralised control

Evergreen BPMS allows for maintenance tasks and job orders to be managed centrally, improving communication across sites. BPMS enhances stock control and makes it easier to complete customer orders within given time frames. Please view this case study for more information about how Evergreen can improve accessibility across multiple sites.

Manufacturers need bespoke software

If you’re a manufacturer it’s worth considering the advantages of bespoke production management software. Software doesn’t just improve IT; it improves all aspects of production from the factory to the warehouse. To find out how Evergreen can help your business please contact one of our experienced project managers on 01454 269 087 or via email.