"We Can’t Manage Our Data Correctly"

17th April 2018 :: Customer Stories :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

In business, managing data properly is vital to legal compliance and success, not being able to do so is one of the key reasons why businesses come to us for custom software.

How does your business manage its data? Is it kept in a secure environment, perhaps it is duplicated across numerous different systems or maybe you’re reliant on an outdated method of data management.

Do you have concerns around the security of your data?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common problems that arise whilst managing data, and how custom software has helped our clients overcome these difficulties.  

Insecure Data     

In a digital age, every aspect of your data management process needs to be secure, and with GDPR coming to the UK in May 2018; the onus on businesses is greater than ever.

To understand secure data, you must think beyond regular password changes. As a business, you must ensure that any data you have remains secure whilst being collected, stored, shared, distributed and destroyed.

Breaches in the way in which your company data is managed can not only result in heavy fines but more importantly a damaged reputation and lost clients.  It is therefore imperative that a robust data management solution is in place.

At Evergreen, we understand that every business collects, stores and distributes data differently; so we create robust software that helps you handle yours optimally with security in mind.

CASE STUDY: Maximise (UK) Ltd

When Maximise first got in touch with Evergreen, they were reliant on spreadsheets to store and organise their data. Through the development of a bespoke online database system, Maximise were able to save time and ensure their data was kept securely.

“I have been impressed with Evergreen's professionalism, knowledge, enthusiasm and idea generation for the development of my online database system.”

Data Duplication Across Multiple Systems

Duplication of data is a running theme we see time and time again.  Whether caused by outdated software, reliance on more than one system or incompatible legacy processes that create the need for duplication; doing so can leave data susceptible to inaccuracies and breaches, as well as increased staff costs and reduced productivity.

Evergreen create software that prevents the need for the duplication of data across multiple systems by ensuring they are all fully integrated.

CASE STUDY: Tim’s Transport

After working in partnership with Evergreen, Tim’s Transport was able to replace the old database and spreadsheets that created the need for duplication of data with a new responsive CRM.

Rosina Cox, Company Director

Tim\'s Transport

“I really liked Evergreen’s friendly and professional approach, right from the start they listened to what we wanted and worked with us so that we were happy with the solution.”


Isolated Data

Often when businesses find their existing systems are no longer compatible, they use different pieces of software to fill the gaps; creating data isolation.

When data is isolated across multiple systems that do not integrate, management teams are unable to have a complete view of business performance; this can stunt growth and lead to unbalanced decision making.

At Evergreen, we believe businesses should be able to access all their data without the need for 5 different logins; that’s why we create software designed to your needs – we’ll even integrate your old data into the new system for you.


When UFH approached Evergreen, they were reliant on a number of different systems that isolated their data including Word, Excel, Outlook and numerous physical files and documents.

Evergreen worked in partnership with UFH to create a custom CRM system that combined all this data, as well as incorporating an accounting system to eliminate the need for another piece of software.

Doug Ingram, business owner

UFH Services Ltd

“Ninety minutes to two hours a day… over the course of a week, it’s one extra day that we’re saving”.

Secure and Organised Data Management with Evergreen

Are you struggling to manage your data properly? Why not get in touch with Evergreen to see how we can help you. We’ll take your needs into account, assess your current systems and create a solution that enables you to manage your data securely and efficiently.

Safe and secure data processing with Evergreen