Our custom business software helps you improve responsiveness, manage systems, and handle customer data more effectively without specialised applications. Whatever your database needs, whatever your business, we can help you gain a competitive edge.


Are you worried about errors or mistakes that are impacting on customers?


Do you want to increase your sales, control your costs and free up time or maybe you are concerned about missed or forgotten sales opportunities?

Procedures and processes

Do you worry that staff are not fully complying with company procedures or those required by your regulatory bodies?  Have you been thinking about how to streamline production processes?

Management Information

Would you like to have greater visibility of your business to include flexible, detailed reports that are available quickly and efficiently to multiple users with secure access in the office, home or on the move?


Are you looking for a solution to avoid mistakes from having multiple versions of spreadsheets with the added benefit of being able to store your data securely and in one place?


Key benefits of an Evergreen custom web application:

Whether you need a complex online database application or simple content management, our easy-to-use custom business software saves you time, helps you make more money and gives you complete control of your data, increasing your efficiency, providing an improved level of customer service and boosting staff morale by speeding up time-consuming processes. 


Robust and powerful inbuilt security protects against unauthorised access with the benefit of customised application software being securely accessible from any web-connected PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Performance and productivity

Built-in auditing and time recording makes it easy to monitor employee performance and our simple interfaces cut learning time and increase your productivity.


Centralised software makes it easy to add new users and computers and provides seamless integration with your online databases and office software.


We listen to your requirements and deliver CRM software solutions that match your work processes. Our tailored training helps you get the most out of your custom web software and you can look forward to easier-than-ever team communication.

Cost saving

A customised system may be less costly than you imagine and the return on investment can considerably reduce your business costs.  In addition simplified licensing and system maintenance save you time and money.


Case Study

It’s incredibly fast compared to what we were using before. We are saving ninety minutes to two hours a day… over the course of a week it’s one extra day that we’re saving!

Doug Ingram, business owner

UFH Services Ltd

CRM and Job Management : saving a whole day per week!

UFH Services were using an inefficient system consisting of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook as well as numerous physical files and documents.

Managing Director Doug Ingram thought incorrectly submitted forms, over reliance on paper documents and manual data entry were costing UFH an estimated 20% of revenue.

After researching off-the-shelf solutions Doug decided that a bespoke system from Evergreen was the way to reduce costs.


Years of experience and expertise in database software development ensure a cost-effective, value for money solution that stays robust, scalable and up-to-date as your business grows.

Get a quote to see how cost-effective our customised solutions are for your business.