We don't sell "off-the-shelf" software, so it's important that we take the time to find out what's required in every situation.


Every business relationship we enter into is underpinned by responsiveness to customer needs from the very beginning. We start by meeting you face-to-face and delving deep into your business processes to understand what problems you need to address and when you need to solve them by.


At the planning and project specification stage, we will work with you to achieve the best result but won’t try to impose solutions.

We will challenge your ideas tactfully yet assertively, to get to the optimum solution. Following our discussions with you, we will create a project proposal that will give you confidence that your expectations will be met.


We’ll use all the technical tools at our disposal to build your business software system to the exact specification we have agreed with you. We’ll keep you informed of the project every step of the way, setting milestones so you can closely monitor its progress. We’ll promise to deliver what you’ve asked for and when you’ve asked for it.


Before your new system is used for real, we thoroughly test all it's features and functions. We invite you and your staff to put it through it's paces either alongside your current system or using test data. We may visit your staff at this point and provide a full training session - a chance for everyone to ask questions and to write a procedure manual.


Integrity and trust are everything - we do what we say and customers pay only what has been agreed. We understand that it’s often not until you start using a system that you realise there maybe an added function or feature that you’ve missed. As we write all our own code, we can add additional functionality more cost-effectively, avoiding the need for you to purchase expensive off the shelf software upgrades.


We are committed to providing flexible, ongoing support - whether in response to a simple question or a major backup issue, help is always available. Our database development team are based in our office just north of Bristol and we never off-shore our services. We offer prearranged ad-hoc support at flexible hourly rates or full service level agreements.