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Our consultants take responsibility for your project from start to finish.

Clients with similar needs to yours, appreciate our responsiveness and their personal relationship with our web applications development team.

They also like getting big-company website expertise with the care and value normally associated with a smaller company. A policy of approachability, responsiveness, design integrity and value ensures that most of our website and database work comes from repeat business and recommendation.

ANDREW COPE, Managing Director

Andrew Cope

Andrew has over 30 years' programming and database development and 15 years' website design and development experience.

Highlights include working closely with internal customers to develop RAC's business-enhancing 'single view of the customer' database. Successful completion of the programme was a robust working solution that, working overnight, reliably moved millions of transaction data elements into the RAC reporting data warehouse. Andrew also worked with Hewlett-Packard on a European-wide data warehouse for reporting and analysis where Andrew's unique contribution involved driving the development solution and co-ordinating programming effort.

Andrew was also an IT Finance team leader with Vodafone NZ. His team provided IT solutions to Vodafone's Finance department. The role constantly challenged Andrew to generate business-enhancing ideas and solutions for billing, reporting and debt collection functions.

LUKE PEARCE, Project Manager

Luke Pearce

As a highly enthusiastic and motivated graduate from a computer networking background, Luke has gained significant experience in software development and software engineering roles. His other major skills span the areas of computer science and electronics and he enjoys the challenges that each new technological development brings. Both the functionality and creativity he can bring to internet solutions drive his enthusiasm and ambition. He has been able to combine his technical skill and creativity beyond the workplace, developing a website for his own fitness programme as well as producing electronic music through software.

Luke always like to stretch himself to the limit and relishes a challenge! He is proficient in the mixed martial arts of Jujitsu and Muay Tai and when several half marathons were not gruelling enough, he took part in a 'Tough Mudder' endurance event, where individuals or teams compete in a 12 mile hardcore obstacle course designed by the Special Forces to test strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie!

LEWIS WHITE, Web Developer

Lewis White

Lewis was intrigued by websites and developing new user experiences from an early age. Whilst his peers would just be surfing the net, Lewis would look more closely at the forms and function that websites took and was quickly able to identify good design from bad. His curiosity in learning more about how websites were built and how online applications could perform tasks led him, post A levels, to study a BTEC in computing. The varied course modules gave him an insight into the many facets of web design and programming and he particularly enjoyed the games programming, JavaScript and PHP modules. His studies extended far beyond the classroom and his BTEC course has helped him to hone is web development skills, changing a hobby into a career.

Whilst Lewis is now in a full-time programming developer role, he has not relinquished his hobby and is currently developing a web-based multi-player game in Node.js and HTML5 as he recognises the importance of trying out new languages and relishes the challenge to create simple solutions for complicated tasks. Whilst programming and gaming take up a lot of his spare time, he also enjoys producing music and is the most environmentally friendly of us all, cycling to and from the Evergreen office every day!

ROB JAMES, Project Manager

Rob James

Rob always shows creative flair and attention to detail in everything he does. Methodical in his approach to projects, he has an eye for excellent design, whether it be in a front-end web development role or back-end programming.

His first interest in the industry was in 3D graphics programming whilst at the NCCA (National Centre for Computer Animation) and he later gained a degree in computer visualisation and animation. As the technical lead in animation projects, he won awards in both the Purbeck and Landcrab Film Festivals. His creativity and technical skills led him to a multi-media role (camera man/video editor/illustrator) in a small company, where he was instrumental in creating a web application to handle health and safety issues for a large business.

His ability to successfully juggle complex tasks and projects in the workplace, extend to the diverse interests he enjoys during his leisure time. From the creativity of digital art and photography, the discipline of archery and circus skills to the thrill of fire-spinning, he always embraces a challenge!

DORIAN SUTTON, Web Developer

Dorian Sutton

Dorian's interest in Computer Science was first sparked whilst he was studying History and Politics at the University of Huddersfield. Following an IT postgraduate qualification from Newcastle University, he embarked on a career in software development via a graduate training scheme at Frontec in Bristol. As a Software Developer there, he worked on stock and purchase software for IBM AS/400 systems.

With considerable software development experience under his belt, he became a Database Analyst and developer for MM Teleperformance, writing custom payment processing systems and administering Informix databases for big charity clients including Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation.

Taking time out for a few years to explore his creative side, he toured all over the UK and Europe as a professional musician, playing double bass in various bands and theatre and community music productions. Never far from a computer, he juggled his music commitments with developing websites, social media presence and mailing lists for his bands. Whilst touring, he continued to study for a Certificate in Web Applications Development with the Open University. Now back in a full-time database development role, he continues to spend his leisure time playing music around the Bristol circuit and entertaining his two young children.

MAX RICE, Web Developer

Max Rice

Max has always had a keen interest in Science and Technology and in particular its advances and applications. After leaving University with a degree in Biological Science Max became a Software Tester, working with software programs to identify glitches with the aim of improving a program's usefulness and ultimately the end user's satisfaction.

With his programming skill and experience in suggesting and implementing improvements and modifications to software he has already made a great contribution within our team and to current projects.

Max's other interests include video gaming and skateboarding and when he's not glued to his laptop or practicing his extreme boarding moves he likes to travel to far flung destinations counting Barbados, Egypt and Kenya as his favourites so far!

LIANE COPE, Administration Manager

Liane Cope

Liane's admin experience covers accounts, payroll, HR, credit control, team leadership and marketing -gained mainly in high street banking and medical sales in the UK and New Zealand. Excellent customer-service skills, attention to detail and management flair are the keys to her successful behind-the-scenes work.

And when she isn't looking after customers and the team, Liane (an accomplished mountaineer with a Matterhorn ascent to her credit) enjoys spending time with the family, caving, running and playing tennis.