Tailored support for your bespoke business software

Having invested in the development and implementation of a bespoke software solution you need to ensure that the time and money spent will continue to deliver results well into the future.

As your business grows and evolves and technology changes, you need to ensure your software remains fit for purpose. This takes a cycle of evaluation, planning and development as part of a comprehensive software support programme.

Our Flexible Software Support Services

At Evergreen, we believe a business cannot operate to its best if it is restricted by inflexible software arrangements. This is why all of our bespoke development is licence free and fully owned by the business.

We take the same approach when providing support. Our software support is fully flexible and tailored to the needs of your business. So whether your software is hosted by us or not, you need occasional ad hoc help, or want the security and peace of mind of a more structured arrangement we can create a support package that works for you.

Our software support packages can include:

  • Access to technical expertise and consultancy – whether to help with a specific issue on an ad hoc basis, or regularly as part of a wider strategy
  • Development time for everything from minor tweaks to more complex changes and upgrades
  • Agreed response times to meet the needs of internal SLA’s
  • Security and other updates to ensure you stay on top of changes in technology and to legislation
  • A structured, proactive review programme to ensure your software evolves in line with your business.

Arranging a flexible support package couldn’t be easier. Just give the team at Evergreen a call, explain what you need and we can tailor our support to give you the peace of mind you need.


Looking for flexibility when it comes to your software support?

If you need support for your business software but don’t want to be tied into restrictive contracts, give our team a call. We will listen to what you need and then deliver the perfect support solution.