Maximise the potential of software in your business​

No matter what the long term plans for your business, it is a fact that harnessing the potential that technology and software offer will ensure you reach your goals more effectively.

Understanding the full extent to which software can help drive your business forward, takes not only a deep understanding of your specific business operation and market but also available technology solutions. Working in partnership with a software company that offers consultancy services can help you understand and maximise the potential that software can bring to your business not only immediately but in the longer term too.

Our software consultancy services

At Evergreen we can provide software consultancy either as a stand-alone service, or as the first stage of a development project.

So whether you already have a software project in mind, or simply want to look at ways of improving the way your business operates, engaging our team of software consultants at an early stage can not only ensure the needs of your business are fully met but the ultimate success of your investment.

Our consultancy services can include:

Understanding and gathering your business requirements

Every business has a list of very specific requirements from the software it uses which are determined by the processes it uses and the way that it interacts with its customers and suppliers.

Our experienced software consultants will work with all of the key parties to fully understand the business goals, its processes and both current and future challenges. They will then provide a clear and detailed list of requirements that can form the basis of the future project.

Review and validation of existing business requirements

If an internal requirements gathering process has already taken place, our experienced team of consultants can provide an external, independent assessment to ensure that all factors have been taken into account and help identify any gaps.

Comprehensive software strategy and solutions

Using the requirements documentation our team can then work with you to develop a comprehensive, bespoke software solution to meet the needs of the business.

Once agreed, the solution will then be ready for implementation whether via an internal team or external supplier.

Our teams involvement at that stage can be as much or as little as you wish, from providing ongoing consultancy as required during the project, assuming a project management and oversight role or delivering the entire project from start to finish.

Case Study

Most reassuring of all is knowing we're working with a technically proficient team that clearly understands what we're trying to achieve and shares our enthusiasm.

Neil Parsonson, DB Manager

Windowbase Prospect Manager

Multi-Client Prospecting System for Windowbase

Fast access to up-to-date data is vital for customers of Windowbase, a specialist in prospect data for the window industry and other sectors. When Windowbase wanted an updated database to meet changing customer requirements, a bespoke product was essential – as was a partner with the skills and experience to meet their high expectations ...


Need an expert to make your software project a reality?

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