About our software project rescue service

Stalled development project? Old software that fails to perform?

We often hear of software projects running into trouble, stalling or being abandoned entirely.

Sadly, it’s more common than it should be and can happen for many reasons, including:

  • Running over budget
  • Missing delivery milestones
  • Lack of clarity around requirements resulting in a product that is not fit for purpose
  • Day-to-day operational pressures taking precedence on project resources
  • A disagreement or dispute between the customer and supplier
  • Loss of a key stakeholder with no replacement to fill the gap

Whatever the cause, a struggling or failed software development project can have far broader implications for your business’s future than the obvious short-term financial one.

Failing to deliver a critical strategic software project can mean a loss of market innovation, increased production costs or lack of competitiveness for the business involved.

If this is happening to you, let us help rescue your stalled or failing software development project.

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Making sure old systems don’t hold you back

Moving away from established legacy systems and software isn’t always feasible. 

It may be a timing issue, the replacement may be cost-prohibitive, or your systems may be so integrated within your business infrastructure that finding the time and impetus to change is daunting.

Whatever the reason for retaining legacy systems, ensuring they continue to benefit your business is essential. Ongoing support and development or effective integration with new processes and systems can help you achieve this. 

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How we can support legacy software

At Evergreen, we can provide a range of support for your old software system. We can undertake an initial assessment of your current processes to help you ascertain the limitations of your existing systems and identify gaps in your requirements that aren’t being fully supported.

We can then create a programme of support and development to maintain your existing arrangements and, over time, bridge the gaps through enhancements to your existing software or developing and integrating new systems.

If required, we’ll work with you to plan your legacy software’s replacement and maintain your data and process flows. 

All this can be planned and delivered on a phased basis to spread the cost and time drain on your internal resources while minimising business interruption.

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Case Study

The work that Evergreen did was a factor in us winning that contract. Without them we wouldn’t have won.

Karen Inwood, Business Development Lead


If you remain static, you are going to get overtaken.

By remaining static, you make life easy for your competitors and you make life hard for yourself.

We were approached by Southside, a Bath-based charity, providing families with expert, independent and reliable support who were in danger of just that.

The problem

Southside were using an ageing case management system which was not providing the right level of information, encryption and data storage required to meet the strict requirements of the local council in order to win their next contract.

Benefits of our software project rescue service

Our software project rescue service is a lifeline for businesses facing stalled or failing software projects. Here’s how it can benefit your business:

  • Project recovery: Our team expertly navigates and rectifies complex software challenges, keeping your project on track.
  • Risk mitigation: We reduce the risks associated with delayed or malfunctioning software, safeguarding your business interests.
  • Cost efficiency: We help minimise additional costs and resource waste by resolving issues efficiently.
  • Expertise and support: Our extensive knowledge and ongoing support ensures your software meets your business needs.
  • Future-proofing: Our solutions aren’t just quick fixes but enhancements to ensure your software supports your future business growth.
  • Enhanced reliability: Ensure your software is dependable and functions as intended, improving overall business operations.
  • Customisation: We can tailor rescued projects to align more closely with your business requirements and objectives.
  • Increased user satisfaction: Our solutions help improve the user experience for your staff and customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Why Evergreen?

For expert intervention in rescuing your failed or stalling software project, turn to Evergreen.

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of experience in revitalising derailed projects, ensuring they align seamlessly with your business goals. 

Choosing us means more than just salvaging software; it’s about revitalising your business’s technological backbone. We’re committed to delivering solutions that resolve current issues and fortify your systems for future success. 

Let us help you transform your software challenges into triumphs, supporting your business’s continued growth and innovation.


Don’t be trapped by legacy software

If you have a legacy system that needs support or is no longer fit for purpose don’t let it hold your business back. Contact Evergreen today to find out how we can help to ensure it remains an effective business tool.