Picking up the pieces of a stalled development project

All too often we hear of software projects that are running into trouble, stalled or that have been abandoned entirely.

It is unfortunately more common than it should be, and can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Running over budget or missing delivery milestones
  • Lack of clarity around requirements resulting in a product that is not fit for purpose
  • Day to day operational pressures taking precedence on project resources
  • A disagreement or dispute between the customer and supplier
  • Loss of a key stakeholder with no replacement to fill the gap

Whatever the cause, a struggling or failed development project can have far wider implications for the future of the business than the obvious short term financial one.

Failure to deliver a key strategic software project can mean loss of market innovation, increased costs of production or lack of competitiveness for the business involved.


Expert Help to get your project back on track

At Evergreen our experienced team of project managers and software developers can help rescue a stalled or failed project, or simply help to re-focus activity on a failing one, to get it back on track.

The first stage in any rescue is to understand the current status of the project and the issues preventing its successful completion. These understood, we will re-assess current requirements to ensure the new brief remains fit for purpose and that a clear way forward can be established.

A comprehensive roadmap will then be created to deliver the project, either internally, via other suppliers, or if you wish, our team can take over full management and delivery for you.



Have a software project that is failing to deliver?

Get in touch with the team at Evergreen to see how we could re-vitalise your project and help your business realise its vision.