Our online software helps you improve responsiveness, manage systems, and handle customer data more effectively without specialised applications.

We build unique solutions to integrate your website with your business processes and systems, including stock control, dispatch, accounts, and text alerts.

Tailored Business Systems

At Evergreen we customise every system we build, helping you solve your business administrative or operational issues and making your business more efficient and profitable. With simple interfaces that are easy to use, tailored reporting and real-time updates, a system built for your business will be intuitive from the start. Find out more.

Business Process Management

We can build an easy-to-use system to improve your staff communication, provide real-time updates, reduce the number of clicks needed to obtain information and create reports at all stages of your project or product lifecycle. Find out more.

Communication Between Systems

A custom web application created by Evergreen can help you retrieve information from different software systems and integrate them into a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that presents the key information you need and that is specific to your business. Find out more.

Team Management Software

With software built by Evergreen you can centralise and control and resources between head office and branch outlets. Find out more.

Sales and Marketing Business Software

From customised CRM systems, email marketing platforms and systems to manage your sales funnels, we can help you communicate quickly with a large audience or community. Find out more.

Production Management Software

Our software systems are capable of managing your internal processes, workflow or manufacturing processes. Find out more.

Custom CRM Systems

Evergreen provide database software solutions which support the management and administration of your business. We can create a CRM system designed to your specific requirements, perfectly suiting your working style, type of business and industry sector. Find out more.

Bespoke Web Applications

With a web application built by Evergreen you can run your business from any internet-connected computer, laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone. Find out more.