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Our bespoke software solutions

Every business is different, so we listen and provide the right amount of software to solve your business problems
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Our bespoke software solutions

Every business is different, so we listen and provide the right amount of software to solve your business problems
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About our bespoke software solutions

Our online software helps you improve responsiveness, manage systems and handle customer data more effectively without specialised applications.

We build unique solutions to integrate your website with your business processes and systems, including stock control, dispatch, accounts and text alerts.

Our solutions include: 

Tailored business systems

We customise every system we build, helping you solve your administrative or operational issues and making your business more efficient. A system built for your business will be easy to use from the start, with simple, intuitive interfaces, tailored reporting and real-time updates. 

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Business process management

We can build an easy-to-use system to improve your staff communication, provide real-time updates, reduce the number of clicks needed to obtain information and create reports at all stages of your project or product lifecycle. 

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Systems integration

Our custom web applications improve communication between different systems, helping you retrieve data from different sources and integrate it into a single, easy-to-use dashboard that presents the critical information you need that’s specific to your business.

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Team management software

Centralise and control resources between head office and branch outlets. We can create a unified platform for managing team activities, streamlining communication and enhancing operational efficiency across all your teams and locations.

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Sales and marketing automation

Our sales and marketing automation software, including custom CRM systems, email marketing platforms and sales funnel management tools, enables efficient communication with a broad audience. 

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Production management software

Our production management software handles your internal processes and workflows while optimising your manufacturing operations, ensuring efficiency and precision throughout every stage of the production cycle. 

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Custom CRM systems

Our database software solutions make managing and administrating your business a breeze. We can create a CRM system designed to your specific requirements, perfectly suiting your working style, regardless of your business’s size, type or industry sector. 

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Bespoke web applications

Manage and operate your business from any device with internet connectivity, streamlining tasks and enhancing accessibility. Our bespoke web applications provide flexibility and capability to ensure you stay connected and in control of your business operations wherever you are.

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Case Study

I didn't realise how much of an impact the system was going to have on our work. Without the system we would have had to hire 2 more people just to manage what we're doing now

Edward Jackson, Managing Director

Nest General Insurance

Custom CRM providing 50-75% time saving

Somerset based Nest Insurance provide a range of property insurance solutions that seamlessly run alongside a clients mortgage and protection business.

A large proportion of incoming business for Nest is telephone related leads. As a new business working alongside an external partner, they inherited their CRM system in order to collect and harvest the lead data, wherein lies the issue…

Why Evergreen?

For bespoke software solutions expertly tailored to your business’s unique requirements, choose Evergreen. Our team is committed to delivering software that exceeds your expectations, enhancing operational efficiency and driving growth. 

With Evergreen, you’re not just gaining a service provider but partnering with specialists dedicated to understanding and addressing your needs. 
Our bespoke software solutions are robust, scalable and integral to your business success. 

Let us be the catalyst for your digital transformation.

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Evergreen really made this a remarkably easy, professionally-managed software development project from start to finish, and one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.

Philip Blunt, Founder & Owner

Compliance Systems Ltd