About our sales & marketing software

Do you need to communicate quickly with a large audience or community? What about creating a micro-site that mirrors changes to your main company website?

Does your in-house IT department have the expertise and resources for all your projects? Are you looking to outsource technical work to create a customised CRM system, email marketing platform or system to manage your sales funnels?

Our sales and marketing business software can do all that and more. 

It’s an innovative solution for effective customer communication and sales funnel management. It includes customised CRM systems and email marketing platforms, enabling your business to engage with large audiences more efficiently. It’s designed to streamline your marketing processes, manage customer data securely and ensure brand consistency. 

The software provides tools for effective lead management and integrates marketing activities with customer databases, enhancing the customer journey from initial enquiry to sale. 

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Why you need our sales & marketing software

With our bespoke sales and marketing business software, you can...

  • Manage customer data securely, ensuring you comply fully with data protection legislation.
  • Save time and money by avoiding multiple spreadsheets, which can create duplications, omissions and errors.
  • Manage your documents with secure storage and instant accessibility.
  • Improve internal communications, giving employees instant access with real-time updates to company documentation such as HR, health & safety and operational procedures. 
  • Manage quotes and sales proposals effectively.
  • Ensure brand consistency across all company documentation.
  • Manage leads and prospect data more effectively so you never miss a sales opportunity and can target bigger customers.
  • Fully integrate all your marketing activity with your customer database, recording the entire customer journey from initial enquiry to making a sale.
  • Fully integrate your sales, administration and financial systems, allowing you to conduct more targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Measure marketing spend and ROI with customised analytics.
  • Integrate your online booking system(s) with secure payment gateways directly into your CRM.
  • Integrate your microsites with your main website with real-time updates, saving you time uploading content to multiple sites.

Case Study

Evergreen are responsive and receptive, they are there when you need something doing, they look at all options to make the project work. I would recommend them 100%

Ieaun Bessant

Performance Properties

Enhanced web-based investor platform

Performance Properties had been there and been told "no" by other software developers.

Their website was a sub-par user experience for potential clients and frustrating for their own staff to use. Definitely not what is needed to run a successful business.

Benefits of our sales & marketing software

Discover the advantages of our bespoke sales and marketing business software, designed to enhance your business’s customer engagement and streamline your sales processes. Here are the key benefits:

  • Enhanced customer engagement: Effectively manage customer interactions and communications.
  • Streamlined sales processes: Simplify and speed up your sales funnel for better conversions.
  • Integrated CRM: Centralise customer data for targeted marketing and sales efforts.
  • Efficient email marketing: Create, automate and manage email campaigns that resonate with your audience.
  • Data-driven insights: Advanced analytics guide informed decision-making and campaign and strategy refinement.
  • Time and cost savings: Automate routine tasks to reduce operational costs and save time.
  • Improved lead management: Track and nurture leads more effectively for increased sales.
  • Scalability: Adapt and grow the software alongside your business needs.

Why Evergreen?

Choose Evergreen for your sales and marketing software needs and experience a significant transformation in how you engage with customers and manage sales processes. 

Our bespoke solutions are designed to streamline operations, enhance customer relationships and drive business growth. 

With Evergreen, you’re not just investing in software but choosing a partner committed to your business’s success. 

Our expert team ensures a solution tailored to your unique needs, offering an edge in today’s competitive market. Let us be the catalyst for your sales and marketing excellence.


To speak with one of our experts and find out how we can help your business please call us on 01454 269 087 or send us an email.