Do you need to create a micro-site that mirrors the changes you make to your main company website?

Does your in-house IT department have the expertise and resources for all your projects?

Are you looking to outsource technical work for creating a customised CRM system, email marketing platform or a system to manage your sales funnels?

With Custom Sales and Marketing Business Software built by Evergreen you can….

  • Manage customer data securely to ensure you are fully compliant with data protection legislation.
  • Save time and money by avoiding the use of multiple spreadsheets which can create duplications, omissions and errors.
  • Manage your documentation with secure storage and instant accessibility.
  • Improve internal communications, giving employees instant access with real-time updates to company documentation such as HR, Health and Safety and operational procedures 
  • Manage quotation and sales proposal documentation effectively.
  • Ensure brand consistency across all company documentation.
  • Manage leads and prospect data more effectively so you never have to miss a sales opportunity and can target bigger customers.
  • Fully integrate all your marketing activity with your customer database, recording the full customer journey from initial enquiry to making a sale.
  • Fully integrate your sales, administration and financial systems, allowing you to conduct more targeted marketing campaigns whilst measuring marketing spend and ROI with customised analytics.
  • Integrate your online booking system(s) with secure payment gateways directly into your CRM
  • Integrate your microsites with your main website with real-time updates, saving you time spent uploading copy to multiple sites.


Integrated Email Marketing System:

Customisable Email Marketing System
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