Evergreen can help you connect and centrally manage all your business software systems.

A custom web application created by Evergreen can help you retrieve information from different software systems and integrate them into a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that clearly communicates the key information you need and that is specific to the management of your business. We can build a custom web application to fully integrate your website with your business processes and information management systems, including stock control, dispatch, accounts and text alerts.

Seamless communication between information systems is a key element of any successful business.

Do you already have business software systems in place, which are working well  - providing you with useful information - but they just don’t ‘talk’ to each other? Maybe your accounts department is using a financial software package and your marketing department is using a CRM information system but neither knows what the other is doing?

Our custom web applications can bring all your business systems under centralised control, giving you greater visibility and significantly better management of your business operations and processes.

Benefits of centralised software..

  • Seamless integration with your online databases and office software. 
  • Customised management dashboards, giving you greater visibility of your business
  • Enhanced internal communications and better staff morale.
  • Tasks are not duplicated and costly mistakes are avoided as data can be edited with real-time updates across all systems.

Case Study

I would recommend Evergreen to other businesses that need a software solution to improve or manage their activities.

Patrick Steel, Resource Manager

HallMark Veterinary & Compliance

Effective Team and Workflow Management System

Based in Gloucestershire, HallMark are one of the fastest growing companies in the Agri-Sector, providing comprehensive solutions to compliance needs across the food and farming industry.


Do you have existing systems that don't talk to each other?

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Customisable System Dashboard:

Customisable System Dashboard showing KPI Graphs
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