"Our Business Is Changing But Our Systems Can’t Keep Up"

1st June 2018 :: Customer Stories :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

As businesses change, it’s important that their internal systems keep up, but all too often we come across successful businesses making do with outdated and incompatible systems causing operational issues or holding back their future aspirations.

In our final blog covering the 5 main reasons businesses can benefit from Custom Software we look at the impact that lack of investment to maintain and build systems can have on a business.

Can your software keep up with changes in your business?

It’s important to remember that change within businesses doesn’t necessarily mean growth, it could be that staff working hours and locations are becoming more flexible, different services are being offered, customer demands are changing or that the business is being acquired or merging with another.

Take a look at some of the ways custom software from Evergreen can help businesses dealing with change.

Growth through acquisition or merger

Before a merger or acquisition can even be considered, the businesses need to understand all of the potential barriers to making it work. Understanding what systems are in place within each organisation and how they hold, store and share data is key to understanding how internal processes will need to change once the merger is completed.

Combining two entire business systems together whilst ensuring minimal downtime, no loss of data and maintaining both staff and customer satisfaction can be a challenging process. At Evergreen, our team of software consultants can work with you to audit the systems involved, review any potential issues and deliver a solution that works for the new business not only now but in the future.

Meeting the needs of a changing workforce

The way in which staff are expected, and expect, to work is changing. Technology has made remote working more commonplace and provides the ability for teams to collaborate from multiple locations. Businesses are expected to embrace a more flexible approach to working arrangements if they want to recruit and retain quality staff.

Existing software may struggle with the changing demands of the workplace, blocking home IPs, being incompatible with mobile phones, being unable to integrate with other apps and limiting the number of users allowed on the system at any one time – all of which frustrate staff and hold businesses back.

At Evergreen, our systems are open to change to ensure they can evolve with your organisation.

CASE STUDY: National Lock & Safe

Following the creation of a bespoke web application from Evergreen, National Lock & Safe’s staff working remotely were able to respond to order requests in real time from any web-enabled computer; leading to huge savings in time and money through increased efficiency and reduced reliance on paperwork.

John Emberton, Managing Director

National Lock and Safe

Since implementing the bespoke web-based database system that Evergreen created for us, we have seen a 70% saving in time and money”. 

Maintaining the competitive edge

In today’s competitive market, every second spent using old and outdated software is a second wasted. Ensuring your systems keeps up with the pace of your industry allows you to provide a better service than your competitors, as well as keeping prices fair for customers.

Working with a long-term partner to create, maintain and develop a customised software solution provides a number of possible efficiencies to your business to help you stay ahead of the competition including:

  • Improved security.
  • Ability to stay on top of changing industry rules and regulations.
  • Optimising processes to your business model, unlike off the shelf ‘one size fits all’ products.
  • Storing data in one place allowing for a holistic view of business KPIs.
  • Adapting to changes that may face the business.
  • Improved automation eliminating time-consuming, manual data entry processes.
  • Integration with other software platforms your business may use.

At Evergreen, we help businesses stay ahead of their competition by creating bespoke software that delivers.


When DBM wines needed a simple, but effective stock warehouse system in 2011, Evergreen built them a bespoke online system. Recently the system has been updated to include automatic customer invoicing and integration with their online accounts system.

Richard Davis, DBM Partner

Davis Bell McCraith Wines

From the customer-friendly, easy-to-use interface, to seamless integration with carriers and wholesalers, we got exactly what we wanted”.

Software That Changes With Your Business

If your business is changing and your software is struggling to keep up, we can help. Providing software solutions designed to adapt alongside your business is what we do day in day out. Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Evergreen software systems keep up with changes in the way you work