Are web apps important for business?

2nd May 2024 :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

Hands up who has the Facebook app or your personal banking app on your smartphone? It's likely that you do.

These are web apps and work-related web apps are just as useful in the business world.

A mobile web app can give your staff the resources to work independently and outside the office – at home or on the train!

Here’s a few of the benefits web apps can bring to your business…

¤ Improved Efficiency

Web apps enhance business efficiency by centralising data, reducing time-consuming tasks like data replication and error-prone processes, while providing real-time visibility for streamlined operations and accurate reporting.

¤ 24 / 7 Accessibility

Web-based business systems offer 24/7 accessibility with internet connection, ensuring flexibility to access from any device or browser.

¤ Higher Levels of Security

As data is stored in the cloud, in the event of computer damage or theft, business operations are swiftly restored. In the event of loss of data through human or programme error, data can be quickly restored.

¤ Easy Customisable and Scalable

As a custom web application is made specifically to your business needs, it’s completely flexible and scalable to your business’s demands and growth.

¤ Easy Installation and Maintenance

By using a web application, you avoid the hassle and memory usage of installation software on every device, you’ll also find web applications less punishing on older or low spec devices.

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